Cover reveal: A new look for The Trial of Tompa Lee

Big news for fans of my most popular science fiction novel, The Trial of Tompa Lee: I’ve designed a new cover.

New Trial 2016b

The new cover has more family resemblance to book 3, The Triumph of Tompa Lee, and to the three-books-in-one edition. When I have another stretch of time when I need a break from writing or editing, I’ll get around to redesigning book two, The Tribulations of Tompa Lee.

D-TriumphTriology a - smallerRead an excerpt from The Trial of Tompa Lee.




I’ve always been particularly happy with the names of the books in this trilogy. Tompa has Trials, Tribulations, and then a Triumph. The books even align properly in alphabetical order.

And then Trilogy fits the ‘TRI-‘ pattern perfectly as well — The Trilogy of Tompa Lee.  You’d think I planned it that way, but nope. I didn’t begin the second book, Tribulations, until six years after Trial was published.

TompaLeeCover_thumbTompa Trial thumbnail

This book has had two previous covers, one by the original publisher, Five Star Speculative Fiction (at left), and one that I designed when I re-released the book (at right).

Is the new one an improvement or a step backward?





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