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Fart-Fueled Flying Feline, Effing for short, writes the Weekend Writing Warrior / Sunday Snippet posts on Mr. V’s behalf

I, Effing Feline, told you that my cousin, Lee, was coming to visit. He’s here, and I adore Cousin Lee. Having such a marvelous relative makes me feel empowered. Invincible. Strong. When Lee wants something, he takes it — and my pet human, Ed Hoornaert, aka Mr Valentine, is too polite to object. I love it!

After last week’s snippet, Hank explains why he wants to attack the enemy: he yearns to fight evil. Inspired by his idealism, Catt agrees to fly him to the enemy headquarters … if she can.

When their relationship changes, the stiff and proper Hector changes, too. In this snippet, we witness him unbend he explains his name (which, as you know, is very rare and unusual a thousand years from now).

“Only the legendary Achilles could defeat Hector.” His voice took on a measured, lecturing cadence at odds with surviving a crash landing, to say nothing of their mutual lack of clothes. “Hector was known for his courage—peace-loving and thoughtful, but a martyr to loyalty to family and—”

When he paused and said nothing more, Catt bent to scoop up her shirt.

“You know something, Catt? I’m sick of explaining that Hector is a noble, if ancient, name. Call me … what? How about Hank? Somebody called Hank is a guy who knows how to have fun, a regular guy with regular parents who won’t object to him loving a brave peasant woman.”

Effing Feline here again. Lee wants me to post a picture of him, and of course I’ll do whatever he says.

Lee also says he insists that you visit all of the Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sundays posts. You’d better do as he says!

Cousin Lee

Cousin Lee sharing his best smile

escapee smallerNow available — Escapee
The African Queen in Outer Space

And a Giveaway

Finally, I’m running my first-ever Rafflecopter giveaway in connection with the book’s release. You can win a $10 gift certificate of one of two copies of Escapee‘s prequel, The Guardian Angel of Farflung Station. It would be wonderfully appropriate if some of my Snippet Weekend Warriors would win, so please enter.



  1. I really like this book, Ed. So much so that I gave it five stars when I reviewed it. I left reviews on goodreads, and Amazon. Is there anywhere else you’d like me to leave a review?

    Hank was a nice nickname, better than Hector. But I actually liked when she called him “Heck.” 🙂

    1. Your words are music to this musician/author’s ears, Teresa.

  2. I agree with Teresa, Ed. This is an excellent book.
    You get the struggle that Hank/Hector is going through down to a Tee. Both characters are rich and full. Excellent snippet, as always.

    1. He wants to be a guy who can have fun, not just be a noble but doomed warrior.

  3. I like Hank too. Good snippet!

    1. Yes, but do you LOVE him?

  4. I’m sure Catt loves being a brave peasant woman. 🙂

    1. Especially in Hector’s … er, Hank’s … er Hec’s eyes.

  5. I like this small snippet. It says a lot about Hector.

    1. He’s struggling toward his essence, his real self, and he even gives himself a different name. Very symbolic, yada yada yada.

  6. I love this character development. Just got Escapee and can’t wait to get into it!

    1. You are a saintly human being with angelic taste, Nancy!

  7. Author Jessica E. Subject · · Reply

    That’s quite the change in attitude, but I have a feeling he will find happiness now. Great snippet!

    1. Except that it’s less a change in attitude than it is the unearthing of a buried side of himself.

  8. daezarkian · · Reply

    All hail…Hank! I like it! Terrific voice and mood, and a thoroughly enjoyable snippet!

    1. Voice and mood, two of the elusive things authors strive for. Thanks for noticing and commenting.

  9. Love the subtly of the pause when she bent over to pick up her shirt.

    As to Cousin Lee- that’s so not the nice little kitty cousin I imagined. 🙂 Tweeted.

    1. I’m assuming you followed Lee’s ‘suggestion’ about visiting all the other warriors. If a lion tells me to jump, I ask how high.

  10. LOL! Ohhh Lee is a big kitty, isn’t he? 😀

    Love how he comes up with “Hank.” Great characterization in this excerpt, though that’s to be expected!


    1. Hector’s more carefree twin brother, Priam (there’s a Trojan theme in that family, with a sister named Helen) appropriated the nickname ‘Duke’ early on, leaving Hec stuck with the stiff hero’s role. Dumping the name is very symbolic for him.

  11. I’m reading this now. I really like Hector. I like his attention to duty. Such a poignant scene when he was writing the letters to the families of the military personnel who were killed. Of course, that has nothing to do with today’s snippet, but I just wanted to mention what a likable character Hector/Hank is!

    1. Thanks! I wanted him to be not just heroic, but a good enough guy to draw Catt out of her protective shell.

  12. Yep, that’s a big change, but it definitely adds a whole new dimension to the story. I bought this too and can’t wait to read it after the 200 books I already have waiting! I think I’ll skip this one ahead though. 😉

    1. 200 on your TBR pile? I sure hope you’re a speed reader. I’m definitely not. I’m more of a ‘savour the wonder of the words’ kind of reader, aka ‘slow’.

  13. I’m kind of old fashioned–I love the name Hector, but then I knew who he was and how that should impact who your character was. But Hank is nice too. 🙂 I wonder how Catt will take to being called a brave peasant woman? LOL

    1. She’s acknowledged before that she’s of peasant stock, so adding the word ‘brave’ is icing on the cake.

  14. I loved this snippet, which really struck a chord with me since I love Greek mythology and Achilles is my favourite hero (though I was never a fan of how he treated Hector), and I love that this snippet says so much about Hector… or Hank, I should say. 😉

    1. I agree about Achilles’ treatment of Hector. Dragging Hector’s body behind a chariot around the walls of Troy seems pretty barbaric by modern standards.

  15. “Regular guy with regular parents who won’t object to him loving a brave peasant woman.” So even when he’s trying to step out of his previous identity, he’s still slotting her in as a peasant? Interesting view into the character’s subconscious and psyche. Well done snippet!

    1. She’s made no bones about being a former peasant who hates her patroon overlords, so the word isn’t an insult to her.

  16. Great last sentence, and I enjoy how you bring out the importance of names. I always think our characters’ names are vital choices.

    1. I didn’t intend it this way, but choosing a new name is indicative of the transformation that Catt’s love (and following his dream of fighting only righteous battles) has wrought.

  17. Very revealing conversation.

    1. Agreed — especially since Catt isn’t wearing her blouse.

  18. I have the book, but haven’t started reading it yet. Looking forward to it. It’s surprising how switching to a more relaxed name can take the stiffness and starchiness from a man like Hector. I hope he does have more fun as Hank. And as for cousin Lee, I don’t think I would like to meet him on a dark night! He looks very fierce.

    1. Re: Cousin Lee. It’s murder when he sits on your lap to purr.

  19. Ha! Love this. Sure, call him Hank. Or call him anything cousin Lee wants, cuz yeah.

    1. And that pic shows Cousin Lee SMILING. Imagine when he’s angry. Or hungry.

  20. Sounds like an identity adjustment long over due.

    1. Yep. At the beginning of the book, he laments that he’s only half of a man because he doesn’t know how to have fun. Now that he’s pursuing a suicidal dream, he’s become whole.

  21. His parents saddled him with a lot of baggage along with that name, didn’t they? Good for him for deciding that he defines himself, instead.

    1. You can blame his parents only so far. His twin brother was, if anything, stuck with a worse name — Priam — but escaped the baggage by adopting the nickname Duke. But Hector kept the name Hector. Belatedly, Hank is following in his footsteps.

  22. I have a friend who is always having to explain her name so I get it’s perfect that he’d prefer Hank. Great snippet.

    1. I imagine the same thing will happen to the offspring of some of today’s celebrities. North West, Moon Unit Zappa, Pilot Inspektor Lee, etc.

  23. Seems like we learned a lot about Hector here.

    1. I’m glad that you think so, Elaine.

  24. If only we could all change our names on a whim…fun snippet. 😉

    1. If you’re an artist formerly known as Prince, you can.

  25. Karen Michelle Nutt · · Reply

    Enjoyed the snippet and learning a more about Hector… and becoming into his own with a new name as well. lol

    1. I love getting into my characters’ heads. I hang their stories on an action plot, but my characters have to grow and change.

  26. Very nice! I like both names and think they sound fun in different ways, but I love her explanation!!! Great writing!!!

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words, Neva!

  27. I just want to find out what Catt thinks of being called “a peasant woman.”

    1. It’s what her class of people were called back on her home planet and it’s a label she applies to herself — primarily to draw a stark contrast between herself and the ruling class of the Sargolay Islands, the patroons. In the beginning of their relationship, she calls herself this defiantly, as in ‘You’re rich and I’m just a peasant — yet I saved your ass. So what are you gonna do about it.’

  28. I love this snippet- it tells so much about the character. Can’t wait to read more!

    1. Well, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a week …

  29. You made me laugh again! Great snippet. I could really get attached to these characters I think. More please!!!

    1. More coming right up, Rachel.

  30. I sort of liked Hec. That was fun. But Hank’s not bad either.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Linda.

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