SFR Brigade Showcase

SFR Brigade showcase

Every month, the Science Fiction Romance Brigade highlights some of its brilliant authors.

Today I, Effing Feline, am getting greedy — which is, of course, a cat’s purrogative. Just ask Garfield. I’m here to talk about Ed Hoornaert’s new novel, Escapee

Wait up! I see a couple of quizzical eyebrows out there in my audience.  (Yes, us cats have the mystical ability to see what you’re doing through the far side of your computer screen. So CUT IT OUT.  You should be ashamed of yourself!)

Who, you ask, is Effing Feline, and why have I never heard of such an amazing cat? For you ignoramuses, my full name is Fart Fueled Flying Feline, and I am the  master of my pet human, Ed Hoornaert. I am magnificent! And I love exclamation marks!!!

Space cat

I earn my tunafish by writing a weekly column on Mr V’s website. (Ed is ‘Mr Valentine’ because he inspired an award winning Harlequin novel of that name. Yeah, I agree; that’s pretty boring.) Anyway, in my greed, I’m doing an extra gig this week — and I’m getting paid 18 whole cents to do it!

I’m hear today to tell — not ask, tell — you to pre-order Mr V’s fourteenth book, Escapee, which’ll be released April 19. It’s a great sci fi book, yada yada, and a great romance from a guy who got his start writing for Silhouette Books, blah blah blah.

And I get an extra 2 cents for each copy you folks order!  Wooha!

Don’t worry that I’m underpaid, ’cause I’m not. Do you have any idea how much 18 cents is in cat money? I’ll be hissing rich!

Now go away. Visit the other writers in the SFR Brigade Showcase or something, and don’t bother me any more. It’s nap time.

The African Queen in Outer Space

escapee smallerCatt Sayer just wants to survive.  The working-class fugitive delivers military supplies on her decrepit airship, but her hard-won livelihood vanishes when invaders overrun her harsh moon. And now an idealistic, upper-class officer wants her to risk her life on a hopeless voyage to attack enemy headquarters – manned by 10,000 soldiers.

Edward Hoornaert’s romantic space opera, Escapee, continues the saga of the Dukelsky family (begun in The Guardian Angel of Farflung Station).  If you like The African Queen and the thrill of underdogs finding love while battling a hostile environment, you’ll love Escapee.

Don’t let this rousing tale escape youPre-order Escapee today.



  1. I reckon Effing Feline has earned their fish!

    1. Personally, I think there’s something fishy about that cat.

  2. LOL I love Effing Feline! This is so much fun!

    1. He’s an alter ego that started out as a one-time guest and is now taking over. I think I’m growing fur and a tail…

  3. Purrfection! People have complained about my exclamation marks!

    1. Editors have complained about mine. Sigh.

  4. That’s one bossy cat!

    1. ‘Bossy cat’ … isn’t that redundant?

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