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Fart-Fueled Flying Feline, Effing for short, writes the Weekend Writing Warrior / Sunday Snippet posts on Mr. V’s behalf

I, Effing Feline, am out of catnip.

You dare smile at that? It’s series serious! I’m suffering frum the DT’s. Canned eben tipe!

Gotta earn more catnap catnip. Gotta, gotta.  So, real quick, more from Escapee, the upcoming science fiction romance from Ed Hoornaert, aka Mr Valentine.

escapee smallerIn last week’s snippet, Catt Sayer confronted Captain Dukelsky, who was calmly typing reports in the wreckage of his former command. Catt scoffs openly. She already disliked Captain A-hole because of an earlier quarrel: his troopers had looked forward to her supply ship’s visits so eagerly that he’d assumed she must be a hooker.

But when she learns the reports are letters to his dead soldiers’ families, she’s mortified.  The last line was Facing Dukelsky was like staring into a furnace.

Catt lowered her gaze. “I didn’t know…”

“Yet you assumed the worst of me.”

Without thinking, she had slumped into the submissive, hunched posture of a peasant being scolded by a patroon. Now, though, she straightened. She wouldn’t let him or any other rich patroon humble her, ever again. “Turnabout’s a bitch, eh?”

She expected him to ask what she meant, but a narrowing of his eyes told her he remembered his cheap prostitute comment. Their gazes locked. Catt refused to back down first.

Effing Feline here again.  For cats, DT means Doggy Terrors — nightmares because of that evil chihuahua next door!

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ESCAPEE — The African Queen in Outer Space

Catt Sayer, an abused peasant and a fugitive from justice on her home planet, makes a meager living flying a decrepit airship that delivers supplies to scattered military bases on an isolated, inhospitable mining moon.

When enemies invade the moon and destroy the bases, Catt rescues the lone survivor—Captain Hank Dukelsky, an upper-class army captain.

Now Hank wants her to risk her life on an impossible quest to attack the enemy headquarters on the far side of the moon…and Catt is falling in love with both the man and his magnificently quixotic ambition.




  1. I really empathize with her deep sense of pride and not wanting to back down, even when she’s realized she’s not entirely in the right.

    1. She’s very determined to become more than she was born to be.

  2. Poor Effing!

    I liked how she recognised how she sunk into a submissive posture, and how she pulled herself out of it. I REALLY like Catt. Looking forward to more of her, Ed!

    1. And I REALLY like to write underdog characters, like Catt.

  3. so real …. judge first, think later …. well done.

    1. Unfortunately, what you describe is a common human trait.

  4. bonniegill2 · · Reply

    I love that she didn’t back down. Toche’
    Poor effing. Give the dud a catnip fix 🙂

    1. Catt has a lot in common with a heroine of some other books of mine — Tompa Lee. Both were abused underdogs who have big chips on their shoulders, though Catt is tame compared to Tompa.

  5. I think Catt and Dukelsky will make a great couple.

    1. If they don’t kill each other first!

  6. Author Jessica E. Subject · · Reply

    Oh, they both underestimated each other. Love how strong they both are. 🙂

    I don’t have any wild catnip, but there will be some lemon balm growing in our yard soon. Sorry, effing feline.

    1. Yes, but after this exchange their days of underestimating each other are definitely at a middle.

  7. Wonderful snippet, best ever, Mr.V. You brought out the best and worst of your characters. As for effing, c’mon over. We have catnip-four cats galore and daughter says she has the last one waiting.

    1. Best ever? Wow, Charmaine, thanks!

  8. Two immovable objects, it looks like…great snippet. Enjoyed it…

    1. All the better for them to be at loggerheads with each other — at least to begin with.

  9. Poor Effing! What’s his mailing address so we can send him some catnip?
    Ed, I really like the energy brewing between Catt and Dukelsky. I can’t wait to read more.

    P.S. I missed the linky deadline for my post this morning, but I wanted Effing to know he’s partly inspired my character Max in my new WIP.

    1. I did notice Max in your snippet, Paula, and commented that Effing would like Max. However, I will NOT tell Effing he inspired Max. His ego, like that of all cats, is too large already.

  10. No! Not the catnip! :O However, the snippet is fantastic. I absolutely loved it from beginning to end. Great writing!

    1. Thanks, Amy. As you may have noticed, I’m a character-oriented writer, so I love love love when scenes like this one happen.

  11. I like the way she realizes she’d instinctively gone to her submissive peasant mind frame and immediately pulls herself out of it. Very well done! Great snippet…

    1. For several years before this she’s avoided her issues with authority figures by having as little to do with them as possible. Having Dukelsky on board is going to force her to face her issues head on.

  12. Terrific confrontation! Nicely detailed, and you packed tons of characterization into those few sentences — well done!

    1. Confrontation and more confrontation — the stuff of great writing and lousy interpersonal relationships.

  13. Both so strong – I like how she didn’t back down.

    No catnip and DT’s – Effing Feline’s have a bad day.


    1. These two strong personalities are going to be trapped together inside the claustrophobic cabin of a decrepit airship. More sparks ahead.

  14. Loved the details of the brewing fight –painted a wonderful picture, for sure! Great excerpt!

    1. Yes, this isn’t their last confrontation.

  15. Out of catnip? Sorry I can’t offer you some, Effing, but our two felines inhale it whenever we bring some home, so there’s never any extra. I guess the same could be said for the wine we bring home! Wonderful excerpt, as always. I like Catt a lot, she’s my kind of character.


    1. Thanks much, Marcia!

  16. Daryl Devore · · Reply

    I like how at first Catt went submissive but the shifted and wouldn’t look down. Sometimes we stumbled then we get our backs up!!
    Good excerpt.

    By the way – I have tons of catnip growing wild – I’d mail some but customs would probably get suspicious of the package – lol

    1. Or maybe not, Daryl. Having lived in both Canada and the US, I can attest that US Customs is infinitely more reasonable than Canada Customs.

  17. I love that this is a re-imagining of The African Queen! Fabulous book and movie! Great excerpt showing her stubbornness and sense of self worth. Glad she didn’t back down!

    1. The events parallel The African Queen, though as you may be able to tell, my characters are quite different. Bogart’s character (who is now Catt) would never have mouthed off to Hepburn.

  18. I like the way you write in her changes in posture – showing rather than telling how she’s feeling.

    1. Glad you noticed that!

  19. Good for her – stare him down, just like a cat!

    1. Catt should be good at that, shouldn’t she?

  20. I love her strong, sassy nature that made her stand up straight and confront him. It looks like they both made the wrong assumptions about each other – as do we all from time to time.

    1. They both have more surprises in store for each other, too.

  21. Love it! Her reply was perfect. If they team up they’re going to be an interesting pair…

    1. If they didn’t team up, I wouldn’t have a book — and Dukelsky would be dead, because the moon’s atmosphere isn’t breathable. He literally has no choice.

  22. Ahh! Catt still has some fight. Capt. A-hole, too. Looking forward to next week, and April 19.

    1. I have the 19th circled on my calendar.

  23. I’m loving their verbal pissing match! It’s his shot now. Two great characters with some volatile chemistry brewing! Effing needs and intervention. 🙂

    1. Effing has an artistic soul; he sometimes styles himself The Most Literary Cat in the Galaxy. And you know the stereotype of us artists with our booze and drugs (says a teetotaler with a sly grin).

  24. A turn of emotion in a heartbeat! She’s a feisty one, even when she jumped to conclusions, she’s not about to let him school her for it. Great tension here. Oh, and for DT’s, I hear a little ‘nip takes the edge off.

    1. Neither of them are likely to back down, although Dukelsky’s ire is liable to be tempered by the fact that he needs her in order to stay alive.

  25. Wonderful writing, Ed!! I can hardly wait to read this one. 🙂

    And for crying out loud, give poor Effing some catnip!

    1. And I can hardly wait for you to read it!

  26. She told him. I like her. Great snippet.

    1. If this were me, I would’ve thought of the snappy comeback that night as I lay in bed. One of the joys of writing is being able to ruminate on the perfect put-down.

  27. chellecordero · · Reply

    I like the sparks flying between them.

    Poor Effing, addictions are so difficult and oregano is just not a substitute. Hope you get more supply soon.

    1. You know what the world thinks of us artistes — drunk, crazy, suicidal. I think Effing has some of that in him.

  28. elainecsc2013 · · Reply

    I love her determination to stand up for herself and not let anyone lord it over her.

    1. Her backstory centers around being a poor, downtrodden peasant girl who was battered and sexually abused by a lordly patroon — and Dukelsky, being from a rich family, pushes all her buttons

  29. It might, perhaps, be a good idea to taper off that catnip dependence.

    It’s not good to assume, but everyone does it, so I think she should forgive him–and herself.

    1. Nice sentiments — but if they followed your advice, this would be a short story rather than a novel!

      1. Oh, characters never listen to advice! 🙂

  30. Hmmm. Eating crow is hard even when someone hands you the salt shaker. Hard to admit she’s wrong in the face of someone who represents the BIG Wrong–abusive wealth unchecked.

    1. You understand her perfectly, Gem!

  31. Karen Michelle Nutt · · Reply

    I see they both did a little assuming. Great imagery with her slumping shoulder and straightening them again to meet his gaze head on.

    1. Yes, they did — and you know what folks say about the word assume: ASS U ME.

  32. Bwahaha! Nice comeback! Great imagery as well, I like her spunk to not back down and be submissive.

    1. Yes, she has spunk, though having Dukelsky around will test her mettle.

  33. She seems to have problem to stay strong and brave. I hope he is not going to break her, I like how she is trying so hard.

    1. All her young life, the class distinction between her and upper class patroons was drummed into her. Catt thought she’d gotten over that, but as soon as she has to deal with an upper class dude like Dukelsky, bing, her early indoctrination wants to take over.

  34. You’ve certainly established a fascinating dynamic between these two characters. I’m looking forward to seeing how their relationship continues to develop.

    1. I’ve tried to give them deep-seated reasons for behaving the way they do once their everyday world is destroyed. Hopefully I’ve kept it up throughout the whole book.

  35. No, I wouldn’t forget a comment like that either. Great snippet!

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