Escapee Literature — now on pre-order

SFR Brigade showcase

Every month, the Science Fiction Romance Brigade showcases the work of some of its authors. Today I’m delighted to announce that my upcoming space opera, Escapee, is available for pre-order on Amazon and other favorite e-book sites. To celebrate, I’m unveiling my travel poster for Banff, which is what I named the dying moon where Escapee takes place.

In case you haven’t seen them, NASA has released travel posters for many exoplanets they’ve discovered.  I’ve made similar posters for all my science fiction worlds. Here, for the first time on any planet, is the poster for Banff.

Travel Escapee

Some background:

  • Since Catt and Hank must fly all the way around their moon to attack the headquarters of an invading army, I needed a lot of place names. To make it easier (and more interesting, at least for me), I dug out a map of Banff National Park, where the wife and I honeymooned, and stole names.
  • Banff (the fictional moon, not the national park) is dying. It used to be an uninhabitable planet that’s been captured into orbit around a gas giant. The giant’s gravity is tearing the moon apart, causing storms and thousands of volcanoes. The environment is even more dangerous than the enemy soldiers.
  • After being battered and sexually abused, Catt stole money from her aristocratic abuser and escaped. She fled to Banff because people told her it was the best place to escape from the law. And they were right. Cops don’t bother to chase fugitives to such a ridiculously dangerous moon.

And now you  know the story behind the poster. Do you have any worlds you’d like to visit?

If you simply must remain on earth, at least make sure you visit the other great writers from the SFR Brigade.

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  1. I LOVE your travel posters, Ed! And I just pre-ordered Escapee. 🙂

    1. Woo hoo, Teresa! Now Effing will really want to be your Valentine.

  2. Love the travel posters!

    1. Thanks, Pippa. I enjoy making them — it’s a pleasant change of pace.

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