Valentine’s Sale, part 4

Valentine’s Goodies on sale
(and a free reward)

This is a very special week for Mr Valentine, aka Ed Hoornaert. Did you know I’m a certifiable Harlequin hero, as well as an author? I inspired a book by NYT bestselling author Vicki Lewis Thompson.

In honor of this special week, I’ll be highlighting some great romance books by friends from the Futuristic, Fantasy, and Paranormal branch of the RWA. Check back every day this week for more great books by your favorite authors and your favorites-to-be.

Best of all, the books are only 99 cents or less — and you can get a reward, free for the asking. For details on the reward, see the end of this post.

Candy’s Cupid, by Ruby Madden

Candy's-Cupid_FINAL-tnCandy is a hardworking attorney that has next to no social life. Her friend has taken drastic steps to help her out since Candy is flirting with the idea of starting an affair with a married man.

Help comes in the form of Casey, called and nick-named Cupid, by his friends and clients. As an escort, he plays by the rules, providing company for his clients, truly only wining and dining them, and leaving the arrangement chaste.

Candy manages to figure out what her friend is up to and decides to push Cupid’s limits. It’s a matter of time, and a battle of wills, until the handcuffs come out.

Stormy Peril, by Victoria Pinder

VictoriaPinder_StormyPeril200x300Lost meets a contemporary gothic romance.

Kimberly Mira has spent her adult life learning to forgive herself for her past mistakes. She teaches yoga, she mediates on the beach, but she’d never called home. Upon receiving a wedding invitation to her sister’s wedding, she chooses to finally return. She intends to ask her mother and sister to forgive her for running away. She asks friends’ for a ride, but the plane is hijacked and crashes into the Atlantic Ocean.

Kimberly thought she must be dead, but then she wakes up in a medieval castle on an island off the coast of Maine. She meets Raphael, a man who saved her life but doesn’t speak to her. He’s just as mysterious as the castle he lives in, but he is keeping her alive from her assassins who are outside the castle walls. Raphael’s secrets can destroy everything, and she’s fighting her attraction to him. As her enemies close in, Kimberly finds herself unable to trust. Raphael refuses to communicate with the outside world to seek out any help even as their very lives are at stake. As the threat becomes deadly, Kimberly realizes she must uncover Raphael’s secrets. She must know what happened, no matter where the clues lead. Her life hangs in the balance. How far will she go to save herself and the man she’s falling hard for? Can his past be forgiven? Can they survive as the castle is sieged? Can they fall in love?

And now your Reward

All you have to do is leave a comment (any comment) on any two of this week’s Valentine Sale posts and you will receive a free electronic copy of Alien Contact for Kid Sisters, book two in the Alien Contact for Idiots series.  So bookmark this blog and stop back often!

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