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Fart-Fueled Flying Feline, Effing for short, writes the Weekend Writing Warrior / Sunday Snippet posts on Mr. V’s behalf

I, Effing Feline, woke up after a nap and needed a change.  Should I walk down the hall to a different bedroom?  Take my toys from their box and scatter them across the living room and dining room floors?  Search for somewhere other than the litter box to relieve myself?

No, too much work.  Instead, I’m going to change the book I’m snipping snippets from.  My servant, Ed Hoornaert, aka Mr Valentine, has a short story collection coming out soon, titled Future Love.  (I didn’t ask when — too much work.)  Here’s the opening of Devil, Devil, which was previously published in On Spec, a science fiction magazine.

Devil, devil, I used to be a devil. That was my job, my calling, my pride.

Of course, no one thought of me as a devil, but as a Voice. I’m the only one—my secret!—who knows the difference: Devil, not Voice.

Why am I no longer one of the chosen few, the heroic time travelers, the Voices? It’s the oldest story in the world—because of a woman. Adam and Eve … Samson and Delilah …

Me and Laila.

Oh, Laila. My beloved Laila, who doesn’t even know I exist.

Effing Feline again.  Nice and short, eh?  Using a longer snippet was too much work.

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  1. Wise move Effing. I would like to recommend not winging it with the litter box. You might find Mr V steps outside of the role of adoring servant to paddle your butt!

    I love the premis, Mr V. Love unrequited with such high stakes is a must read. I like the poetic tone, too.

    1. The tone of this story is what makes it. You either love or hate the voice of the narrator … who is, as it happens, a madman.

  2. chellecordero · · Reply

    I like the 1st person narrative of the story and the premise, even the devil can be brought down by a woman. After reading your comment above, i am even more intrigued

    1. Ah, those femme fatales can bring anyone down.

  3. Excellent beginning, Ed. I’d read more based on this!

    And that Effing…decisions, decisions… lol. You do work him awfully hard, you know. His poor little paws probably get tired from all that typing…

    1. Poor little paws my &*%*. For next Sunday’s post, I’ll show you all exactly how Effing gets his typing done. Stay tuned, Teresa!

  4. Author Jessica E. Subject · · Reply

    Wow, very intriguing! No, I want to know the entire story. 🙂

    1. The story comes out in fragments, rather than linearly.

  5. An intriguing snippet.

    1. Thanks for the tweet, Daryl. Much appreciated.

  6. Oh nice! Love the concept of the devil as the voice! Your collection intrigues me. I wish Effing asked about the release date.

    1. Release day will coincide with the panels I’m on at the Tucson Festival of Books, which is the middle of March — 12th and 13th, I think.

  7. Oh my, I’m intrigued in all ways here! Great snippet, can’t wait for more.

    1. Then the hook did what it was supposed to, Veronica.

  8. Very interested to find out why he is no longer a Devil or one of the Voices. An intriguing start.

    1. And also, exactly what he means by ‘devil’ and ‘voice’.

  9. That was fabulous. Love the voice.

    1. Another tweet — fabulous. Thanks!

  10. Good choice,Effing! Intriguing little snibblet. Can’t wait to learn more. And stick to your box! We servants can get testy about those kind of things.

    1. In Effing’s defense, he’s usually very good about such things, unless the litter box hasn’t been cleaned in a while.

  11. Oh my, she doesn’t even know he exists but yet she has had a huge impact on him! Great start and congratulations on the upcoming release. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Stephanie. I brought this collection 75% of the way before NaNoWriMo and then got distracted by writing.

  12. I’ve never thought it fair the woman (almost) always gets blamed for everything. And I wonder how Laila can be at fault, when she doesn’t even know the Devil/Voice exists!

    1. This is from the devil’s POV, though. Who else is he going to blame — himself? Not a chance.

  13. I liked that! It sounded a little poetic. I’m wondering about Laila being at fault when she doesn’t know he exists. Nice snippet!

    1. Glad you noticed, Frank. The hardest thing about writing this story was that rhythm and poetic feel. But it was also the easiest part, because once I was in the groove, my mind bopped along automatically.

  14. Oh, those evil women! Funny that even the devil seems to hope he can push responsibility off on someone else. Great snippet!

    1. Don’t you feel perhaps a twinge of feminine pride that it was a woman who brought the devil low? Deep, deep down, maybe?

      1. More than just a twinge in fact! As long as it gets done. 🙂

  15. Karen Michelle Nutt · · Reply

    She doesn’t know of his existence- yet. I’m intrigued to know more.

    1. She used to know of his existence, though. 😉

  16. Sure, sure. Blame the woman. Poor man had no choice in the matter…

    Great snippet. Definitely gets your attention and piques your interest.

    1. As I said up above, who else is he going to blame — himself? Fat chance. And anyway, as the story progresses, the issue of blame becomes much more nuanced.

  17. Splendid, Mr. V. Another great work of art.

    1. High praise indeed, Charmaine. Thanks!

  18. A snippet that almost sings with the rhythmic prose.

    1. Yeah, this is kind of catchy, in an off-key way.

  19. Yep – oldest story in the world (except perhaps for Gilgamesh). Boy meets girl, etc

    1. Oldest story, yep: boy meets girl, boy blames girl when it doesn’t work out. While that may seem like what’s going on here, that isn’t what the narrator means at all.

  20. elainecsc2013 · · Reply

    You caught my interest with no trouble at all.

    1. Glad to hear it, Elaine!

  21. I love the poetic prose you went with. It makes the snippet super interesting! 😀

    1. In moments such as this, when he’s living in his own head rather than in the real world, he’s rather rhythmical and poetic. At other moments he’s more lucid, but also prosaic.

  22. This is a fun new character – can’t wait to get him know him better.

    1. Great, except … i can’t introduce you. He doesn’t have a name. It’s the truth.

  23. The poetry seems appropriate for the beginning of this work. Makes this devil seem loftier somehow. Is he or is he not? If it’s not too much work, I hope to read more next week. 🙂

    1. I think that can be arranged, Jenna.

  24. I suspect your MC is a bit unhinged, which makes this delightful (and devilish)!

    1. Bingo, Monica. Give that lady a first-prize blue ribbon.

  25. Typical, blame the woman. Great snippet! Looking forward to next week!

    1. Shameful of this character, it’s true. His full feelings about his situation are, as the story shows, much more nuanced.

  26. Interesting insight already. Just the topic of the main character being the Devil has me interested, my kind of story. I like the difference between saying he was the Devil and the Voice, interesting.

    1. So which is he — a devil or a voice? Hmm.

  27. I love Effing and his decisions. Great snippet, would love to read more

    1. Effing has certainly become quite a character.

  28. Great hook with the snippet, and the little hints in your comment responses make it even more intriguing! Great job.

  29. Loved it! Great snippet.

    1. I wrote the first draft of this story in one night. Then I spent a couple months fine tuning it.

  30. Laila seems enigmatic and this story filled with mystery. He seems a bit confused though as if he is a voice or a devil. Can be be both? Maybe at different times.

    1. I’m glad people are picking up on his confusion. That’s the most important thing to glean from the opening.

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