Top Ten Resolutions for 2016

Top Ten Tuesdays are hosted by The Broke and The Bookish, and feature lists related to all things bookish–characters, authors, titles, and favorites. They’re an excellent way to find new interesting books on a variety of topics, and to connect with bloggers who love the books you do.


As you can tell from the title, today’s theme is top resolutions for the new year. Strictly speaking, I don’t do resolutions — but I do have goals. Here are some of them.

Replenish my to-read pile.

Much to my astonishment, my to-read pile has largely vanished. That never happens; I always have more pages than time … except for now. Weird. I wonder how that happened? Anyway, let’s make this goal more specific: six new books on my pile by the end of the month.

Any suggestions?

Get back in the habit of going to the gym.

Yeah, yeah, I know this is the sort of thing everyone resolves to do. Nonetheless, it’s one of my goals, so I’m committing myself to it in print. (Or electrons. Or whatever.) To be more specific, I’ll go to the gym at least once a week for the rest of January … and hope that’s enough to rebuild the habit.

What’s your favorite form of exercise?

Submit my latest and greatest to traditional publishers.

It’s been years (ten of them; Lord, how time flies) since I had a novel published by anyone but myself or small ebook-only publishers. I think I’ll try again with Newborn, a romantic science fiction book that I think is one of my best.

Wish me luck!

Be more sociable on social media.

Give me a cave with wifi and I’d be happy … but I need to connect more often with people outside of my cave. Like you folks who are reading this. Hi! I’m trying to be specific with my goals so I can accurately judge whether I meet them or not, so let’s say I post at least twice a week to Goodreads, and find another blog hop or meme where science fiction readers hand out.

Any thoughts on where science fiction readers congregate?

Restart my Bookstores I Love feature.

I haven’t highlighted a bookstore for well over a month. Naughty, naughty Ed! I’ll try to get back in the groove, though, with two more posts this month.

What’s your favorite bookstore?

Take a trip to Europe

This one’s a bit less certain that any of the above (except, I’ll admit, for going to the gym). However, my oldest child of four is moving to Amsterdam in the new year, so if finances and health cooperate, this would obviously be the time to go. The last — make than only — time the wife and I went to Europe was when son #2 spent a year in England. Clearly, it takes a distant child to pry us away from North America!

What’s your dream trip for the New Year?


One comment

  1. Wow, a vanished TBR pile. That is quite a rarity!

    And good luck!

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