Smardy Kat pokes fun at science #6

Smardy Kat

Today I, Smardy Kat, have a guest blogger.  And you’ve all heard of him.  Yes, my fame if spreading so rapidly that I have been approached by none other than Albert Einstein!

Here is his post:


[What’s this?  Mr. Valentine (aka Ed Hoornaert) who hosts my blog, just told me Einstein is dead.  The spoilsport.]

While I’m confessing most humbly in public, I’ll admit that the graphic originally came from, not directly from Einstein himself. I found it on Scifi and Scary’s website.

But if Einstein were alive, he would’ve heard of me.  And none of you can prove otherwise.

Heck, you silly humans can’t even prove whether my cousin, Schrodinger (Dinger, as he is — or maybe was — known in the family), is alive or dead.

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