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Fart-Fueled Flying Feline, Effing for short, writes the Weekend Writing Warrior posts on Mr. V’s behalf

I, Effing Feline, the Most Literary Cat in the Entire Universe (c), proudly present another snippet from The Trial of Tompa Lee, by my pet human, Edward Hoornaert, aka Mr Valentine.

The last few scenes have highlighted the confrontations between Tompa Lee and Dante Roussel. I’m skipping ahead to a later scene. After running out of water, they’ve partaken of the only liquid available to them — aphrodisiac wine.

“I’m drunk,” she wailed.

Dante just nodded.

She ran both hands over her face, which tingled and yearned under the touch. She jerked the guilty hand away from her flesh. When she glanced up, he was staring at her with burning eyes—yet he remained as motionless as Bez-Tattin’s statue.

Oh, God. The maggot was going to force her to make the first move, stripping her of even the self-righteous fury of the raped.

Her body felt strange, as though it had decided to throw off the yoke of her mind. She rose to her feet and stepped toward him, agonizingly aware of her thighs rubbing each other.

Effing Feline again. This snippet reminds me of that time I played too long with my catnip mouse. Hoo-wee, that was one wild night! I’d tell you all about it, but … but … I don’t remember anything.  😦

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  1. Oh my Mr V. This may just get awkward!

    1. Very true, Kim–awkward indeed!

      BTW, I love the idea of aphrodisiac wine. It’s central to the aliens’ culture and herd-bonding ceremonies.

      1. I will keep that in mind thw next time one of them offers me a glass ;-៛

  2. I love your description of the effects of the aphrodisiac wine! Tingling, burning, agonizingly aware… Well done, Ed!

    No post for me this week. Too much on my plate…

    1. NaNoWriMo, perhaps? That’s on my plate, along with the local Tucson science fiction con.

  3. I like your descriptions … and the idea of an aphrodisiac wine 🙂

    1. Aphrodisiac wine would destroy the romance writing industry, though. No more conflict about should-I-shouldn’t-I. Just drink a glass and roll around in the hay.

  4. Wow, great scene. Very detailed. Ah hem, I do have an issue with my legs rubbing together, I feel her pain. LOL

    1. Psychological pain only. Physically, she’s “feeling no pain,” as the saying goes.

  5. Things are about to get interesting, I suspect. Poor Tompa Lee. It will be hard to face him in the morning.

    1. Yep. She’s learned to tolerate Dante by this time and almost trust him, but letting herself trust a policeman is a huge, huge step for her. Without the wine, could she have made it this far?

  6. daezarkian · · Reply

    I love the description here. And this is how I feel most mornings. Is that strange?

    1. Well, you’re a writer, so of course you’re strange. Aren’t we all?

  7. Alluring snippet, pulled me in!

  8. Hilarious description of sex about to happen. More wine, please.

    1. Nope, Charmaine, you’ve had enough. The bar is closed for you.

  9. Great work conveying the mix of emotions with their movements

    1. I’m still striving toward more use of body language in my writing. A book I recently got is as good as anything: The Emotion Thesaurus, by Ackerman and Puglisi.

      1. I have that book, too! I use it every time I write.

  10. Oh my, this will get awkward, and possibly hilarious. Great snippet!

    1. Or maybe it’s exactly what Tompa needs? A subtheme of the book is the crucial role sex plays in bonding people (and aliens) together.

  11. Great description, and I’m thinking this is going to be a fun read.

    Oh, and welcome to Sunday Snippets!

    1. Thanks for the welcome, P.T.

  12. Love the line “throw off the yoke of her mind”. That’s the whole appeal of booze and drugs, right? I like to believe they’ll have enough fun to make it all worthwhile.

    1. Some people find throwing off the yoke hard. Some don’t have trouble having fun without booze to throw off the yoke. And others are terrified at the prospect of not having that yoke firmly in place around their hearts and minds.

  13. Man, I hate it when aphrodisiac wine is the only beverage option. Can lead to awkwardness between co-workers. Most entertaining snippet!

    1. Whenever I’ve been in their situation I’ve hated it too. You know, you run out of water, and when you stumble upon an alien temple devoted to the sacred ceremony of herd-bonding orgies, the only drink available is an aphrodisiac. It’s very frustrating. (Well, not actually frustrating. Kind of the opposite, actually.)

  14. elainecsc2013 · · Reply

    She may be sorry in the morning, but right now …

    1. Right now, let’s bring on the booze and have a ball!

  15. A yowling feline moment for sure!

    1. Bring out the catnip, too.

  16. nano!! LOL. I love her numb face and lips

    1. “nano?” Let me guess how you’re going to be spending the next month, Michelle.

  17. Well I’m glad they’re talking to each other at least LOL. Aphrodisiac wine is an excellent invention for the story…excellent excerpt.

    1. In the bigger picture, the wine motivates a lot of the story. Tompa is merely a pawn in an intragalactic trade war; humans and alien Klicks are vying for the trade monopoly with the more backward herd creatures of the planet. Whoever controls this planet controls sale of the aphrodisiac. By framing a human for a heinous crime, the Klicks hope to convince the natives not to trade with humans.

  18. How rude of the gentleman to not even make the first move, LOL! ! love the idea of the wine–a fun little twist for this plot (that in reading your comments, is actually quite an important aspect of the story).

    In real world terms, alcohol dehydrates the body and would actually make matters worse in a survival situation. Or perhaps you’ve already factored that into the writing. Nice snippet!

    1. Yes, I know about alcohol’s dehydration effects, and I kind of punted on it. In the book itself, Tompa hid and Dante came looking for her, bringing a bottle of water for her … but he puts the water beside him and makes her come get it.

  19. They’ve both been drugged, so neither can consent, really–but it doesn’t seem like they have much of a choice.

    1. They’ve been building toward this moment for 150 pages … but I know what you mean about consent. I tried to deal with it by giving Tompa the final say in whether she’ll approach him. Her free will could overcome the wine’s impetus if she really, really wanted to.

  20. chellecordero · · Reply

    Love potion #9 seems to have multiplied a few times. Going to get interesting.

    1. Multiplied is right. They found an entire store room filled with the wine!

  21. Ooh, awkward and sexy and drunk at the same time! Fun times ahead!

    1. Not only that, but a breakthrough for the bitter, cynical Tompa.

  22. Karen Michelle Nutt · · Reply

    Enjoyed the snippet. Great imagery. Things are about to get interesting. 🙂

    1. Nothing like a bit of aphrodisiac to spur the action along.

  23. Great descriptions and imagery. The awkwardness and almost frustration of the situation comes through nicely. This should prove to be interesting.

    1. Thanks very much Daelyn!

  24. great use of adjectives to describe the wine.

    And lol on Effing Feline’s “night” of catnip

    1. And to think that he didn’t even have to go to Las Vegas to have a night to forget.

  25. Aphrodisiac wine. That’s sounds a bit scary as she doesn’t seem to like him.

    1. Well, I’ve omitted many many pages that show her beginning to like and trust him, though she can’t quite bring herself to admit it. The wine makes her admit what she feels.

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