Bookstores I love … a nation-wide contest

Is any kind of store more important to a writer than bookstores? Of course not! That’s why this series on bookstores we love.

Of course, I’m not the only one who loves bookstores. Here’s a link to a nationwide contest for the best bookstore in the country. This annual competition is conducted by Publishers Weekly.

Here’s how a Washington Post article on the contest starts:

The five finalists hoping to be named Bookstore of the Year look like impossibly unequal competitors. Located in big cities and small towns from Florida to Washington state, some of them are multi-store giants, while others are little sanctuaries.

The only one of this year’s finalists I’ve been to is Powell’s Book in Portland. Here are the contest’s five finalists:

A crowd waited in a line eight blocks long to meet President Clinton at Books & Books in 2004. (Susie Horgan)

A crowd waited in a line eight blocks long to meet President Clinton at Books & Books in 2004. (Susie Horgan)

Bookstores - contestb

Inside Left Bank Books in St. Louis, Mo. (Courtesy of Left Bank Books)

Bookstores - contestc

McLean & Eakin in Petoskey, Mich. (Courtesy of McLean & Eakin)

Bookstores - contestd

Powell’s Books in Portland, Ore. (Courtesy of Powell’s Books)

See also my post about Powell’s flagship store from a recent visit to Portland.

Bookstores - conteste

Village Books & Paper Dreams in Bellingham, Wash. (Courtesy of Village Books)

Have you been to any of these fine bookstores? If you could nominate a bookstore for this contest, what store would it be?

Be sure to check out other bookstores I love.


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