Introducing Smardy Kat

Meet Effing Feline’s Cousin

Fart-Fueled Flying Feline here. If you’re new to Ed Hoornaert’s blog, I write a weekly column here on Sundays. I have many fans! I am adored far and wide!

I’ve used my increased clout to get a gig for my cousin, Smardy Kat. Smardy, who is also known to the family as Snooty, likes to think she’s brilliant. (Yeah, right. Not as brilliant as me!) In keeping with this site’s science fiction theme, she will be educating you about science.

Chemistry Cat 01

What do you folks think? Anyone need the joke explained? Shall we keep Snooty Smardy Kat?

To read more of my (Effing Feline’s) posts, click the picture below … and notice that my picture is bigger than Smarty’s. I made sure that got written into my contract.

Space cat-wewriwa


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