Effing Feline deigns to purr

Space cat-wewriwa

Fart-Fueled Flying Feline, Effing for short, writes the Weekend Writing Warrior posts on Mr. V’s behalf

In my infinite feline wisdom, I, Effing Feline, have chosen another ten sentences from Ed Hoornaert’s The Trial of Tompa Lee. It’s the first book in his science fiction trilogy that continues with The Tribulations of Tompa Lee and ends with The Triumph of Tompa Lee. Clever human, that pet of mine.

In last week’s snippet, Dante Roussel, a Space Navy policeman, has bravely disobeyed orders (which is exactly what I or any other cat would do, of course) and charged off to help Tompa fend off her 300 accusers in a trial by combat. She’ll be grateful for his heroic sacrifice, right?

Swinging the club wildly in front of her, Tompa shrieked as she charged the shadowy figure, hoping to gain the upper hand through sheer ferocity. The creature stumbled back from her onslaught and fell.

“Stop,” it said.

Tompa raised the club for a crushing blow despite her blisters. When the figure scrambled to a standing position, it was sturdy and tall, a lot taller than she was; and for the first time, she really looked at it.

“Ship’s Ward Lee, I order you to stop.”

It was a human: Roussel — the roach responsible for putting her in this mess.

“Put down the club.”

With a scream, Tompa flailed the club in an x-shaped pattern so he couldn’t duck, but the club glanced off his arm. She drew it back to hit him harder.

Effing Feline here again. Gratitude, thy name is Tompa!

But then, she’s only human. Is Mr V sufficiently appreciative when I deign to purr in his lap? Hah!

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Ed Hoornaert here. Thanks for the purrs, Effing. I do appreciated them.

I usually try to read and comment on all the weekend  writing warrior’s posts, but this weekend I’m pretty busy with music. (Like Jennifer Lawrence, I play the oboe.) My traffic jam of performances may interfere with getting to you as quickly as I’d like. My apologies in advance.

As mentioned above, the Trial of Tompa Lee is the first book in The Trilogy of Tompa Lee.

B-Trial paperbackThe Trial of Tompa Lee
Only her enemies can save her from alien injustice.
(The book is free, so you can’t go wrong.)

C-TribulationsThe Tribulations of Tompa Lee
Goddess or Madwoman?  Even Tompa isn’t sure any more.

D-TriumphThe Triumph of Tompa Lee
Now the prey stalks the hunter — to the death.



  1. She is one feisty little space sailor! I never really thought about an X pattern in a swing, but it makes sense. Wonderful descriptive writing, Ed. 🙂

    1. I forget where I picked up the x-pattern swing idea … hopefully not from a writer who simply made it up.

  2. Ooh, Tompa is mad! Great scene, great visual, full blown attack mode.

    1. Yeah, she sees Dante as a greater enemy than the 300 Shons who are out to kill her.

  3. Wow, better duck when she gets a club to wield! Nice action sequence. I almost feel bad for the guy she’s about to whomp!

    1. Good; you’re supposed to feel some sympathy for him.

  4. Great action sequence. Hope Dante survives it. Have fun oboe-ing!

    1. I got through two performances yesterday without my lips falling off. So far so good.

  5. Tompa is quite a fighter. I like that about her.

    1. She’s my most kick-ass heroine, even though this isn’t, strictly speaking, a romance. It just has elements of romance.

  6. LOL! This bit manages to be funny and dead serious at the same time. Great accomplishment, Ed! 😀 Looking forward to the next excerpt.

    1. My ironic way of looking at the world seems to creep in all the time, even when it’s not intentional.

  7. Awfully big roaches in your kingdom, Ed.

    1. True, true. But Tompa uses the street slang of the future, which has turned various pests into perjoratives or even cuss words (maggots, cockroaches, rats, etc.) as they’re rivals with street meats for the same scarce resources. ‘Roach’ also refers to the most dreaded pests of all, policemen.

  8. Complex scene you’ve written here, Ed. It draws the reader in and makes them yearn for more. That’s a good thing!

    1. Thanks, Charmaine!

  9. Dramatic scene, although certainly not going well for some of the characters. Great snippet!

    1. It’s not as bad as it seems for Dante. He has a hard head, it turns out.

  10. burnsmillie · · Reply

    I love her spunk! Nice job Effing of picking great snippets! Nice job of writing a tense scene Ed!

    1. Meowrr, responds Effing.

  11. She’s feisty, but is she off the mark?

    1. Not with her club. With her chosen target, perhaps.

  12. Well, he did put her in this mess. He ought to help rescue her.

  13. elainecsc2013 · · Reply

    I’m not sure how much sympathy I’d feel for him either. He did get her into trouble after all.

  14. chellecordero · · Reply

    I think he should have expected she’d hold a grudge if she feels he is responsible for all of her misery, is he really the source of her troubles? Hmm, I will be following along and see…

  15. With all that adrenaline in her system, of course she’d probably keep attacking. Great snippet.

  16. I love a feisty heroine. I hope he is appropriately contrite.

  17. She’s definitely not letting go of that club, and is more than able to hold her own in combat!

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