Top Ten Books On My Fall To-Be-Read List

Top10TuesdayThe Top Ten Tuesday meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Today’s theme is Top Ten Books On My Fall TBR.

This list a real toughie, folks. I don’t have a TBR list.

I’m nowhere near that organized. I yank out a book to reread (I do that a lot), or pull whatever enchants me at the  moment off my massive pile of hardcopies, or flip through my Kindle’s forest of unread titles.  No planning, much whim. I’m sure this reveals something terrible about me, but I assure you, there’s far worse I ain’t admitting here.

Nonetheless, I’ll guess what I may read.  Please, though, no pop quizzes about any of these books come winter.

Chalvaren Rising, by Paula Millhouse

I’m eager to read this debut fantasy novel because I’ve enjoyed the author’s short works. This is perhaps the only book on the list I’m guaranteed to read this fall. In fact, I’ve already started it.

Ties of Power, by Julie Czerneda
To Trade the Stars, ditto
Beholder’s Eye, ditto

I read the first book in Czerneda’s science fiction Trade Pact series but not the other books, for reasons long forgotten. I manned the SFWA booth with Julie at last year’s Toronto book fair, and she was gracious and humble. That’s one good read to read on.

Even more compelling, though, her name keeps cropping up.  Three separate people have mentioned her in the last two weeks–and that, friends, is a sign from on high. I hear and obey, oh Great Reader in the Sky…though I may not get all three books read this fall.

The Unknown Ajax, by Georgette Heyer

I haven’t re-read this one, arguably my favorite Heyer tale, in a year or so. It’s probably time to do so. I love characters who aren’t what they seem — and Major Darracott packs far more surprises than most.

Some other Heyer favorites: A Civil Contract, Sylvester, Venetia, Sprig Muslim, and Cotillion. Maybe I’ll re-read one of them, instead. Or all of them.

Red Planet Blues, by Robert J. Sawyer

Another re-read. I love Sawyer’s work, and he’s said marvelous things about my books, even though I’m much less deserving than he. Of course, all that proves is he’s proficient at making stuff up.

Go Set a Watchman, by Harper Lee

I know I’ll read it eventually. Why not this fall?

One of Jo Beverley’s Malloren historicals

I’ll get through all of them eventually, though not in the correct order.

A fiction craft book or two

I’m always trying to learn how to improve my writing. With my luck, I’ll finally perfect my craft…one hour before I die. With no computer handy. No pen and paper, either. And 227 pages remaining before the big THE END.

Or none of the above

Something else, instead.


Is anything on my list on yours? Do you have a list, or do you read on a whim, like me? Drop a comment and let me know.  And when you have time, check out other people’s top ten lists or join the meme yourself.

And finally, just for fun, I found a cartoon that applies to reading series books, which was a recent meme on Top Ten. It’s great!




  1. Diane Burton · · Reply

    Love your list–esp. your last comment. That’s the way I feel about my TBR pile. Never sure what I’ll read next. Or ever. So glad to ready your comment about Julie. What a tribute! That makes me want to read more of her books.

    1. See, now you’re talking about Ms. Czerneda. She’s everywhere all of a sudden!

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