Top Ten Tuesday, 9/8/15

Top10TuesdayI’m trying out a new group called Top Ten Tuesday. This blog hop (that’s my description; they call it a meme) is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week’s topic is “Ten Series that I haven’t finished reading yet and would like to get back to someday.” I’m afraid I don’t  have ten, but I’ll do my best. Note that the series are listed as I thought of them, not necessarily in order of eagerness:
  • Cecilia Grant’s Blackshear family.
    Regency romance. The series isn’t completely written yet; I’m breathlessly awaiting the next book. I give these the highest recommendation possible!
  • Louise Penny’s Inspector Gamache series
    Mysteries set in Quebec. I loved the early books but some of the later books, such as The Beautiful Mystery, are awfully dark for my taste. I dislike it intensely, massively, unequivocably and totally when the bad guys win and take down a character I’ve grown to like. Actually, I’m not sure I’ll finish this one.
  • Stephanie Barron’s Jane Austen Mystery Series
    Mystery/historical. I read them as I find them, either at the library or a bookstore.  I’m about half done. Entertaining and, as far as I can tell, historically accurate.
  • C.S. Forester’s Hornblower books
    Regency naval adventure. As an adolescent, I read most of these. I’m going back to reread them from the beginning, and I’m enjoying them as much or more.
  • Harry Turtledove’s Worldwar series
    Science fiction. I started this series and was entranced.  Then book four took awhile to come out, and by then I’d forgotten the details of what was going on. I’ll have to start over at the beginning…which means I’m not sure I’ll ever get around to it, and that would be disappointing.
  • Gordon R. Dickson’s Childe Cycle
    Science fiction. I’ve read most of them, but the later books are heavy slogging. The books in this series are loosely connected by philosophy and theme, rather than by characters.
  • Jo Beverley’s Malloren books
    Historical (Georgian England). I’ve read these in no particular order, and that hasn’t been a problem. They’re an entertaining read, though I’m bothered by historicals that use women with unabashedly modern attitudes and pretend they’re from a different time period.


Check out other people’s top ten lists or join the hop yourself.

And you might be interesting in my Bookstores I love series, although I haven’t gotten far yet:


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