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Fart-Fueled Flying Feline, Effing for short, writes the Weekend Writing Warrior posts on Mr. V’s behalf

Edward Hoornaert, aka Mr. Valentine, is back! Wonderful news, eh? The cat-sitter was not very good about cleaning my litter box, which offended my sense of propriety. Also my nose. Life has returned to its normal routine–and us cats love our routine.

Last week’s snippet, from Mr V’s newest release, Alien Contact for Kid Sisters, reminds me of the picture at left. Marianne escaped from the pontoon boat where the evil Sergeant Squitt held her and her lover, Quinn, at gunpoint. But now she’s lost sight of the boat, which is sinking … and Quinn can’t swim.

The previous snippet ended: After taking one last gulp of air, Marianne gave up treading water. Placing her arms at her sides, she let herself sink into the cold, airless Pacific. But she can’t be giving up–the book isn’t over  yet!

Marianne sank through frigid water, past a school of tiny grey fish that darted away as though she were a sea monster. She tugged at her left boot, but it refused to come off. She struggled with it while revolving dizzily through sunlight that slithered through the murky water.

Finally, the boot came off, and her sock with it. The boot sank into fathomless gloom, but the sock drifted, lingering like a faithful dog unwilling to leave its master. She grabbed it—but then, wondering what she’d do with a soggy sock, she let it join its boot.

Before removing the other boot, Marianne pushed up against the water until she reached air. As she gulped greedily, she looked for the boat, but it was gone. Around that point of land, perhaps, or hidden behind a wave?

Squitt could become squid food for all Marianne cared, but oh God, what had happened to Quinn?

Effing Feline here again. This might be the last snippet from Kid Sisters for a while, or it might not be–haven’t decided yet. Mr V says I’m fickle, but what does he know? He’s only human.

Check out of the snippets by other weekend writing warriors. I’m sure they make sure their cat’s litter boxes are always clean, unlike some people.

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  1. ‘Sunlight that slithered’. Brilliant combination! It gave me a shiver down my neck.

    1. A shiver that slithered down your back?

  2. My money’s on Squitt going down with the ship. Will Marianne find Quinn? I’m loving this story, Ed.

    1. Go down with the ship — without a prolonged final confrontation? Heresy!

  3. I LOVE this line! “The boot sank into fathomless gloom, but the sock drifted, lingering like a faithful dog unwilling to leave its master.”

    Outstanding snippet, Ed. 🙂

    Poor Effing. You do torture him so. Thank goodness life has returned to some semblance of normalcy. 😉

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Teresa!

  4. Wow! Really nice writing. You painted such a clear picture for me.

    1. Coming from another writer, that’s a compliment indeed. Thanks!

  5. The poor faithful, yet abandoned sock. I’m sure it understands. Marianne needs to live, and find Quinn. If you leave us hanging here forever, I shall send an invasion of subpar catsitters!

    1. Go right ahead Christina. That might bother Effing but not me. (Effing doesn’t handle the comments. I tried to get him to take over that chore, as well, but he wanted too much cat food.)

      1. They’re extortionists, I tell ya!

  6. Absolutely wonderful, Mr. V. Your writing is tops, description beyond fine. Thank you.

    1. Wow. Thank you!

  7. How funny that she has trouble discarding her sock.

    1. I based that on an incident in my youth, when shoes were dragging me down; my sock floated. Man, did I catch heck for losing my shoes.

  8. Quite the predicament, and yet she seems to be handling it rather well. Great tactile imagery throughout.

    1. And to think that when the book started, Marianne was a helpless kid sister wallowing in a major depression.

  9. Interesting excerpt, she’s so calm! Can’t wait to see what happens next…

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Veronica!

  10. nancygideon · · Reply

    I’m so glad Effing stop by to narrate for today’s WWW (I’ll have to teach my cat that trick!). Great scene. You’re really right there with her. Can’t wait to read more . . .

    1. Good luck, Nancy. Cats aren’t easy to train.

  11. chellecordero · · Reply

    The imagery created by the sock floating is great, it really adds to the reader’s sensation and allows us to be right there in the action. Great snippet.

    And Effing, I do try to keep after the litter boxes, but with three felines it gets a bit demanding.

    1. ‘Demanding’. The perfect word to use about cats. Sometimes, at least.

  12. Intriguing snippet. She is very calm for someone who’s searching for her lover. Great imagery.

    1. At the beginning of the book, she assumed she’d fall apart under fire. She’s learned some big lessons.

  13. elainecsc2013 · · Reply

    The faithful dog and sock line is nice. She seems to have great presence of mind to be in the predicament she’s in.

    1. Thanks, Elaine!

  14. I like the alliteration, Squitt could become squid food

    1. Thanks. This is the sort of thing I question whether I should use, wondering if it’s over the top.

  15. She’s disassociating her dire situation with her boot and sock. Hope she makes it. Guess she has to unless she finishes story at ghost.

    1. Interesting analysis, Dani.

  16. Great descriptions! Love it. Her sock floating in the water, is kind of like her hope. I don’t like soggy socks either. I would have done the same. Nice!

  17. That’s a pretty frightening situation, and so vividly described. I hope everyone makes it out alive.

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