Effing Feline Comes up to Scratch

Space cat-wewriwa

Fart-Fueled Flying Feline, Effing for short, writes the Weekend Writing Warrior posts on Mr. V’s behalf

I, Effing Feline, am serving penance for scratching the couch last week. Edward Hoornaert, aka Mr. V, insists that I post a funny video of a cat. It’s beneath my dignity, but a cat’s gotta do what a cat’s gotta do.

But first, this snippet from Mr. Valentine’s newest release, Alien Contact for Kid Sisters. In last week’s snippet, Marianne learned that Quinn, whom she now loves, is actually a con-man. But before she could finish confronting him, the murderous rebels attacked and Elfy, the eleven-year-old cousin of the king, gets captured —  but after the battle, Marianne finally has the chance to berate Quinn for his treachery.

“Does a real you even exist,” she spat, “or are you nothing but lies?”

Thumbnail--Alien Contact for Kid Sisters_5“Lies, me? I’m hurt that you would … I mean … well … yeah … that’s pretty much all I am, lies. This time you’ve pegged the real me.” Quinn filled himself with a deep, dark breath and added, “But still, we need to work together for Elfy’s sake.  If Squitt still has her, we’re her only hope.”

“Truce, then,” Marianne said reluctantly, “but just while we rescue Elfy, or die trying.”

Now why’d she have to add die trying? Especially in such a depressed, fatalistic voice.

IR approvedAlien Contact for Kid Sisters scored a 4.5 star review at IndieReader.com, which is cool.  Amongst other nice comments, the reviewers say:

“ALIEN CONTACT FOR KID SISTERS is a thrilling science-fiction adventure in the grand tradition of Star Wars, involving an unexpected hero; a bickering, molten-hot romance; and plenty of action.

“The plot is perfectly arched and includes enough elements to keep readers on their toes without over-complicating the narrative. In the alternative reality from which the island of Kwadra “time-hopped,” Native Americans are in power in Canada, so their technology is a mix of Pacific Northwest Native traditions and advanced sci-fi gadgetry, which adds some interesting elements to the plot. The main characters are all expertly drawn, with particularly strong female characters for the genre.”

Effing Feline again. Here’s the undignified cat video I promised you. Sigh.



  1. Aah Effing Feline, such ignominy! Both you and Quinn have some ground to regain! Congrats on the excellent reviews Mr V!

  2. “Just while…” Ha! Where have I heard that before. lol.

    Poor effing–such a harsh punishment. No indignity is spared.

    Congrats on the great review. 🙂

    Ed, I saw your comment on another blog and went to click your link to visit here. I can’t find it on the linky list. When the linky list closed last night, we had 63 sign ups. Right now, before the moderating begins, we still have 63 sign ups. I wonder if Linkytools (the list host) had a quirk when you signed up. I’ll put your url in the comments below the list on our main page.

  3. Someone with a name like Squitt has no choice but to be the villain. Poor, humiliated feline. And congrats on the great review!

  4. Karen Michelle Nutt · · Reply

    Never ever speak of doom when you’re heading right into trouble. Doesn’t she know anything? lol Great snippet. Enjoyed the banter.

  5. elainecsc2013 · · Reply

    Don’t know which is better. The excerpt or the video. We have cats too.

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