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Good books and free prizes … what’s not to love about the Science Fiction Romance Brigade’s Summer Cafe?  I’m giving away two $10 Amazon gift cards on this blog, to randomly selected commenters who respond to this:

Although I’m sure you’ve never done anything as embarrassing as Sandrina in the snippet below, tell us one humorous or embarrassing incident from your life.

I’ll  randomly select two winners after midnight Pacific Daylight time on July 12th.  Sorry, no substitutions or cash equivalent.  In addition, the Summer Cafe offers a Rafflecopter giveaway, described at the end of this post.

Here’s the menu:


So, what’s on the menu for breakfast? The following excerpt is from Edward Hoornaert’s The Guardian Angel of Farflung Station.


Was this love?

Sandrina hoped not. A defective like her had nothing to offer a heroic man like Duke, so love was out of the question. Infatuation, sure. Sex…well, maybe. Make that absolutely! But love, no.

Whatever she felt, she had to tell Duke before the VIP’s whirlwind visit swept him away from her. When she reached Duke’s quarters, though, the door handle glowed with a red stripe, demonic and spiteful. He wanted privacy.

theguardianangeloffarflungstation--thumbnailMaybe, though, the privacy setting merely got left on overnight. If she knew what he was doing in there, she’d know whether she should disturb his privacy.

Cursing herself as a coward again, she hurried to a nearby maintenance closet to do something she’d vowed never to do: enter a ventilation shaft to spy into someone’s quarters. So much for respecting Duke’s privacy.

The duct was filthy and dust tickled her nose. Some of this pod’s automatic cleaners, called duck ’bots, must be broken. Crawling around the guts of a rich, well-maintained space station would be so much more pleasant. She wouldn’t always be filthy, either.

Would Duke be glad to see her?

But he isn’t going to see you, idiot. That’s the whole point of sneaking through the ventilation duct.

Ahead, a cul-de-sac in the ductwork glowed with light. Duke’s place. She hurried forward.

“Pass a napkin, stud,” said a female voice.

Sandrina slowed. Wrong room? She was usually so good at navigating.

She peered down through the grate in the room’s ceiling at a small, round table filled with breakfast. Amber and magenta strips of aromatic bacon from Plinial IV’s pseudo-pigs made her stomach rumble.

She edged out onto the grate for a better look. This was Duke’s room, all right—and sitting across from him was the elegant beauty from last night. Sandrina’s imagination could supply their activities between dinner and breakfast. She didn’t realize she was crying until a tear slipped from her eye.

The tear fell through the grate and landed on the woman’s hand as she reached for her cup. The woman froze. Sandrina froze.

The woman recovered first. She stared up at the ceiling grate, stunner in hand.

Sandrina jerked aside—too fast, too violently, because the grate flew open on its hinge. Face first, she plunged down. Luckily, her legs jammed in the ductwork, leaving her dangling over the table. Upside down, she saw Duke’s wide, startled eyes. Blazing humiliation obliterated everything except those eyes.

“What the—”

Before Duke finished the sentence, Sandrina’s legs unstuck. She covered her head with her arms as she plunged face-first into a plate of jam-covered toast.


How about that for a way to show a man you love him? As a seduction technique, do you think it’ll work? If you want to see how things turn out for poor Sandrina, check out The Guardian Angel of Farflung Station.

Want to win free stuff?  Of course you do! Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway.

And be sure to check out the other stops on the cafe’s tour.



  1. bn100 · · Reply

    sounds interesting

  2. bn100 · · Reply

    accidentally walked into a door

    1. And I’ll bet it wasn’t the Door into Summer. Sounds painful!

  3. Michaela Shannon-Sank · · Reply

    Hoo boy, humourous and/or embarrassing? Ok, here we go. Many years ago I was engaged to a wonderful man. (No, we did not get married and live happily ever after much to my regret, but that’s a whole different story) He loved to play softball and I would go with him to his games, because who doesn’t like watching hot, fit men running around? So one summer day we went to a game, we were running late as we’d overslept (yes, you can guess why) so didn’t eat breakfast or have anything to drink, we didn’t even stop to pick up drinks or food. Several hours later, I can’t even remember who was winning, and I was feeling a bit woozy, sitting in the hot sun with no water will do that to you, so I got up and approached the dugout where there was a big cooler of water to ask for some and oops, too late, passed out cold in an undignified heap right there in front of fiance and teammates and families. Woke up to many sweaty, concerned faces bent over me and was just too horrified to properly appreciate or take advantage of the situation, so I mumbled something about having my period, and didn’t that make them scatter, and crawled off into the shade and tried to become invisible for the rest of the game. 20 odd years later and I still can’t find the humour in the situation, I’m sure it’s there but I still cringe!

    1. Definitely an embarrassing tale. Too bad you’re unconscious to the humor of the situation.

  4. Funny scene!
    Actually I did something similar when I was at College. One morning, I visited a man I thought I loved. I opened the door and found him with a woman who’d clearly stayed the night.

    1. Now that is a rude awakening. You have my belated sympathy, Aurora!

  5. chellecordero · · Reply

    Embarrassing and honest to goodness true – years ago our car broke down while on a family vacation quite south of Quebec City in Montreal. Hubby speaks French, I don’t, He went with the tow truck and the car to start the work getting it fixed. I took the kids to a local motel and checked in (it was very clean and nice) only to discover the next morning that they, uh, rented the rooms by the hour and the bar, open very early in the morning, was really very busy with a lot of people conducting “business”. I was mortified.

    1. This reminds me of my wife’s coworker who got frequent massages for a bout of severe back trouble. She had to go to Phoenix for a conference, after which her back was bothering her. With a bit of time before her flight left, she stopped at a massage parlor. The masseur wasn’t very skillful, but she didn’t put two and two together until he kept asking her if there was ‘anything else’ she’d like.

  6. Nice bit of humor, Ed!

  7. I once did a Chevy Chase-style fall down a lengthy set of steps on my college campus, in front of a theatre with tons of people in line for a show. It was not an intentional pratfall, believe me…

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