Effing Feline Begs You Please

Space cat-wewriwa

Fart-Fueled Flying Feline, Effing for short, writes the Weekend Writing Warrior posts on Mr. V’s behalf

I, Effing Feline, am on my very best behavior today, because I’m still humiliated by having a stupid, wagging, slobbering, overeager dog fill in for me last week. ‘Humble’ is hard for a cat, so bear lion with me.


I humbly beg you, dearest gentle readers, to peruse this selection from Mr. Valentine’s newest release, Alien Contact for Kid Sisters, and then visit all the other outstanding writers who share snippets on Eight (to Ten) Sentence Sunday.  Please please please!

Background: Marianne, the queen’s kid sister, is in a tunnel with a fake Royal Guardian named Quinn who is either protecting or kidnapping her — he hasn’t decided which. Here we meet the third member of the troop that will romp through the deserted underground cities: Lady Delphina Eaglesbrood, aka Elfy.

A travel poster for the underground cities of Kwadra Island

Quinn pounced around the corner while the pouncing was good. Just like a real hero, he grabbed the intruder around the chest, trapping his arms, and put the knife to his throat.

Uh, no. Not his throat: her throat.

It was a girl, maybe ten or eleven, with straight, black Kwadran hair that smelled of shampoo. He hoped Marianne couldn’t see him holding a knife on a little kid wearing pajamas and a robe with Hello Kitty appliqués.

He released her and opened his mouth to ask if he’d hurt her — but she kicked backward and whacked his shin with the heel of her sturdy shoes. Yipping in outraged pain, Quinn dropped the knife and hopped backward on one foot.

He didn’t see her next kick, aimed at his crotch, until it was too late.

Effing Feline again. Purrty please with a hairball on top — check out the other great snippets from the Weekend Writing Warriors!



  1. Karen Michelle Nutt · · Reply

    Beaten by a girl, a little girl at that. lol Enjoyed the snppet. 🙂

    1. This sets the tone for Quinn’s relationship with Elfy.

  2. Poor Effing Feline. Such a low state to have to recover from.
    Talking of low states: Quinn felled by an eleven year old in a Hello Kitty dressing gown…
    How ever will he regain his hero status?

    1. By saving Elfy’s life, of course!

  3. I like it when a little girl shows some spunk. Quinn’s gonna have some explaining to do when Marianne finds out what he did to the Hello Kitty Kid. Great Eiight!

    1. Self-defense lessons do work!

  4. Oh – it’s getting nasty here!

    1. To say nothing of painful.

  5. That’s what you get for pouncing before looking! Ouch!

    1. Yep, look before your leap.

  6. Serves Quinn right. That next kick will be REALLY painful.

  7. Hasn’t decided whether he’s protecting her or kidnapping her… gotta love these would-be heroes.

    1. Yep, heroes with clay all over their feet.

  8. elainecsc2013 · · Reply

    That’s teach him to underestimate the ladies, even if they are quite young.

    1. Every hero has a lesson he needs to learn.

  9. Don’t mess around with girls wearing Hello Kitty anythings, you dope. Hilarious snippet!

    1. This is a nod to my daughter-in-law, who got her PhD at 25 but still loves Hello Kitty.

  10. this scene has ouch written all over it for both parties. LOL. very visual and I love how you ended on a perfect cliffy

    1. “Perfect cliffy” — I like that phrase.

  11. Whoops. That’s what he gets for underestimating her just because she’s a girl.

    1. Dumb mistake, eh?

  12. Uh oh, quite the moment but I could TOTALLY visualize it as you wrote the scene, and I want more! This is fun stuff…excellent excerpt.

    1. Thanks very much! It’s neat when a ‘big moment’ fits in fewer than ten sentences, because most such moments don’t.

  13. He reminds me of a klutzy “Star Lord” from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie 😉 Fun snippet…not for him though.

    1. For now, Quinn’s heroic moments lie in the future.

  14. I like her already! LOL She can take care of herself and that’s a great characteristic no matter what age you are. Quinn isn’t going to have a walk in the park with this one. 🙂

    1. Their contentious relationship is off and running–with Marianne as peacemaker.

  15. Great action writing, Ed. She’s a feisty one. Quinn has his hands full, methinks. Between Elfy and Marianne, oh boy. Sounds like fun. 🙂

    1. I love feisty characters, so thanks for this, Teresa.

  16. chellecordero · · Reply

    Welcome back Feline!

    Loved this snippet, he underestimated the girl and I am sure it’s a lesson he won’t soon forget.

    1. The poor guy has many lessons to learn before he can become respectable.

  17. Ouch! Great scene. The girl is on point!

    1. Yeah — the point of her booted toe!

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