Effing Feline Releases his Purrs

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Fart-Fueled Flying Feline, Effing for short, writes the Weekend Writing Warrior posts on Mr. V’s behalf

Purr, purr, purr. I, Effing Feline, feel fat and happy. And sleepy, of course–I am, after all, a cat. Right after today’s snippet, I’ll tell you why I’m so full and contented.

Last week, if you remember, Marianne, the queen’s kid sister, got put in a tunnel for safekeeping after a bombing by rebels. Her would-be fiance’s last words were, “A Royal Guardian is stationed down there to protect you, so obey Captain Charleyjohn.”

Obey Captain Charleyjohn?  Dumb move, you stupid human!

Feeling smug because the police hadn’t followed him into the tunnel, Quinn Lebatarde strutted along …  until he found Captain Charleyjohn unmoving on the floor. The Royal Guardian’s nametag was stitched to the breast of his lime-green uniform jacket.

Broken rocks littered the tunnel around the corpse, and that set Quinn’s heart pounding. After a worried upward glance, he bent to feel the man’s neck–no pulse. From the bloody mess atop Charleyjohn’s head, he’d died fast.

Quinn dragged the body to a safer place. If the tunnel was going to collapse on him, he’d rather die as a Royal Guardian, so he stripped the captain and put on the uniform. Panting—the man was literally a dead weight — Quinn looked down at the corpse.

“Thanks for the uniform, man — best set of weaves I ever wore — and all these weapons, too.” Feeling invincible, Quinn strapped Charleyjohn’s needle gun to his belt and swaggered down the tunnel, whistling.

Obey Captain Charleyjohn? Quinn is a fun-loving con man. Methinks poor Marianne is in trouble.

But enough unimportant stuff. Why am I purring, your ask?  I got a double helping of cat food, because Mr. V, aka Edward Hoornaert, releases  Alien Contact for Kid Sisters today. (Burp.) It’s a great science fiction romance (burp) with a wildly lovable scam-artist hero, mysterious underground cities, humor, sex, mistaken (burp) identities, loving sisters, gun battles, an alien needle-gun that can out-shoot a platoon … but no cats.

End of commercial, folks. It’s nappy time.  Burp.

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  1. Congratulations Mr V! (I would watch Effing feline for a bit, especially if he has been chewing grass!) Poor Marianne! I suspect Quinn’s deception is not going to turn out well for her.

    1. Thanks for the warning, Kim, but it’s too late! At least he missed the keyboard.

  2. The way you grounded the scene – the rocks, the uniform, the weapons – really put me inside Quinn’s head, Mr. V. Great eight.
    And, supercongrats on the release. Will share.

    1. I’m glad the physical details worked because I had to do a bit of scrunching and deleting to make this fit the guidelines. Thanks for your support, Paula.

  3. I definitely sensed the deception in Quinn from reading this snippet. Very well done and congrats on the release!

    1. I love mistaken identity stories and now I’ve written one. It felt good.

  4. Great change of pace – con man in wait.

    1. Doesn’t bode well for Marianne’s future, does it?

  5. The plot thickens and in such an amusing way. There’s a musical rhythm to your writing. Must be because you are a musician.
    Major Happy Dance for the release of your fine book.

    1. LOL. As I read this, I’m listening to one of my own CDs, an oboe/bassoon/piano trio. I rarely listen to my own playing because all I hear are things I could do better, but I’d dragged some out and dusted them off for earlier posts and what the heck, they’re on my desk.

  6. Congrats on the release! Looks like shenanigans are about to ensue. Hopefully Marianne is up to the challenge!

    1. And Quinn, too. The circumstances will force him to make moral decisions more profound than he’s ever needed to.

  7. I love his name, Mr V! “Quinn Lebatarde” Too funny! And Charleyjohn… You’ve painted quite the visual, also. Great snippet 🙂

    1. Thanks, Teresa, and thanks for your e-mail, too.

  8. Great visual. Love when he says “best set of weaves” he’s ever wore.

    1. Lines like that usually go in on second or third rewrites when I consciously search for alternatives to standard wording.

  9. Well Quinn is a fascinating character and I like the way you’re setting Marianne up to be quite confused…enjoyed the snippet!

    1. Thanks, Veronica. Quinn is one of my favorite characters I’ve written, even though the book is slightly more Marianne’s than his, i.e., her transformation is more dramatic..

  10. My first thought when Quinn changed uniforms was oh no poor Marianne is going to get this guy instead. LOL. Should be exciting to see how it plays out

    1. Yep, Michelle, that’s exactly what I hope readers will be thinking.

  11. Another enjoyable snippet- the setup is very promising indeed!

    1. Thanks, Alexis. I love the tension inherent in mistaken identity stories. The reader’s knowledge and expectations are so very different from the heroine’s. That said, they’re hard to do well, so I’ve got my fingers crossed. Four clicks so far today from this page to Amazon, so that’s promising.

  12. Karen Michelle Nutt · · Reply

    Love the set up of the story. Definitely look forward to Quinn deception and how he plans to pull it off.

    1. Quinn’s a professional con man, but this represents his biggest scam yet. Thanks for stopping by, Karen.

  13. I get the feeling he’ll do a lot of mischief before he’s caught! No remorse in that one, at all.

    1. I love prankster heroes, and Quinn in one of that ilk.

  14. This scene was amazing. Great job. Can’t wait to read more.

  15. chellecordero · · Reply

    /congrats on the release and so glad the feline missed the keyboard…
    Great set-up. I have a feeling that this con-man will take full advantage of the mistaken identity that is about to happen.

  16. Interesting premise! And I like Quinn already (although I know I shouldn’t . . . ). 🙂

  17. Trouble is a-brewing…. Though, I just get this feeling, don’t know why… maybe it’s because I know authors love to throw in these twists and turns…. Maybe Marianne is going to be just fine and Quinn might be in for the ride of his life. 😀

    (well, I can hope, can’t I?)

  18. Great work, Quinn is on his toes. Love the switching out of the uniform. Exciting scene! 🙂

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