Something to Look Forward To


My wife always likes having something nice to look forward to. She doesn’t lives only for the future, rather than the present; she just wants the future to fill  her  mind with anticipation — sort of like a child eager for Christmas to come.

If you’re like her, I have something for you to salivate over when you peruse your calendar.

The Science Fiction Romance Brigade is planning another blog hop, The Summer Cafe, and this one promises to be the biggest and best yet. Lots of books!  New authors and old favorites! Prizes galore!

SFR Brigade Summer Cafe
June 1 through July 12, 2015

Each week, a different flavor of SFR will be featured, with appetizers, main courses, and dessert. The menu for the Space Opera week that includes Edward Hoornaert, aka Mr. V (July 6…mark it on your calendars) is shown above. Each week, a Rafflecopter winner will be selected.

Here are the participating authors (list subject to change):

  • Space Opera 1 – 1st-5th June
    Appetizers – Greta van der Rol and Athena Grayson.
    Main course – Pauline Baird Jones, Veronica Scott, and Amelia Treader.
    Dessert – Carol Van Natta
  • Weird Science – 8th-12th June
    Main course – Aurora Springer, Debra Jess, Deborah A Bailey, Starla Huchton, SA Hoag, and Teresa D’Amario
    Dessert – Liana Brooks
  • Dystopia – 15th-19th June
    Appetizers – Rae Lori and Jessica E Subject
    Main – KM Fawcett, Michelle Browne, Angela Sparrow, SE Gilchrist, and Kate Corcino
  • Androids and Aliens – 22nd-26th June
    Appetizers – Kyndra Hatch and Eva Lefoy
    Main course – Rachel Leigh Smith, Pippa Jay, Linda Mooney, Melisse Aires, Christina Westcott and Wendy Lynn Clark
  • Supernova Hot – 29th June-3rd July
    Appetizers – ML Skye and Misa Buckley.
    Main course – Travis Luedke, Cathryn Cade, Teresa Noelle Roberts, Gabriel Belthir, and Charlee Allden
  • Space Opera 2 – 6th-10th July
    Appetizers – Vicky Burkholder.
    Main course – Mary Brock Jones, Diane Burton, Kayla Stonor, Liza O’Connor, Heidi Ruby Miller, Nina Croft, and (saving the best for last!) Ed Hoornaert

The Summer Cafe opens in just a couple of weeks, so stay tuned to this channel for more information.

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