April Fools for Love #2

If you haven’t yet entered the raffle for the great prizes in the April Fools for Love blog tour, you still can–but don’t put it off, because time is running out.

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Final ebook_Alien Contact for Idiots medium

April Fools is a perfect theme for my brand new release, Alien Contact for Idiots. Why? Here’s the opening of the book:

Seattle, Washington. The early hours of April 1, next year.

As long as this  blog hop lasts (the end of April, 2015) you can also get my new science fiction romance, Alien Contact for Idiots, free for the asking. Just leave a comment or send me a message on my contact page.  (Currently available for Kindle only, sorry.) Can’t beat that price!

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April Fools prizesTo learn about other great SFRom, be sure to visit the other writers in the tour — and if you haven’t already done so,  click her to enter a Rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to win great prizes (including Alien Contact for Idiots).

  1. First prize: $75 gift card and 16 ebooks
  2. Second prize: $25 gift card and 12 ebooks
  3. Third prize: $25 gift card and 8 ebooks

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And while you’re in the neighbourhood, check out the New SFR pages, which have a bunch of great new books featuring love in and under the stars!


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