Woohoo! Escapee Finds a Home

Ever been a fugitive from the law?

Ever known anyone who has?

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a righteous fugitive?

Would you be willing to escape to an isolated moon

inhabited only by soldiers, mining robots–and an invading army?



A science fiction romance
by Ed Hoornaert
has just been accepted for publication in early 2016.

Read chapter one of Escapee


A Disillusioned Soldier

Hector Dukelsky is a career soldier and the son of generals … but he yearns to fight a righteous war, not quell riots by downtrodden peasants or defend corporate interests. He loses all hope of fulfilling his dream when his entire command is slaughtered while he’s away, leaving him stranded alone in smoldering rubble on Banff, an isolated, uninhabitable mining moon, where he has no possibility of even reaching the enemy.

 A Pilot with a Chip on Her Shoulder

Catt Sayer, an escapee from a harsh peasant life, ekes out a living by flying supplies on a decrepit airship … but when invaders destroy all army bases, her hard-won career is destroyed. Searching for survivors, she finds Hector and flies him to safety—but safety is not what he wants. Captain A-Hole, as she calls him, wants her to risk her ship and her life on an impossible trip to the other side of the moon to attack the enemy headquarters.

 A Dying Moon

Catt knows Banff. She knows the moon will kill them long before they reach the enemy. She agrees to Hector’s scheme, certain he’ll give up after experiencing the terror of a volcanic eruption. But he refuses to quit, and slowly his noble, self-sacrificing dream—and his love—fills her empty life. Now she risks love, as well as life, while trying to survive Banff’s unconquerable environment … and the only reward for success is a battle against ten thousand enemy warriors.


Escapee is a sequel to The Guardian Angel of Farflung Angel.  You’ve read it, haven’t you? If you  haven’t what are you waiting for? It features the best character I’ve ever created.



  1. Congrats, Mr. Valentine!!
    This sounds great!
    Woot Woot!!

    1. Thanks Paula. This made up for Tax Day!

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