So How Was the Book Festival?

The seventh annual Tucson Festival of Books is now history. An estimated 130,000 people came to the University of Arizona campus to meet and listen to hundreds of authors from every genre of fiction and non-fiction. There was also live music, good food, plenty of booths for children, and of course authors selling their books.

TFOB 2015 a

Mr. Valentine (left) and half of the husband/wife writing team of Adriana Kraft.

  •  Mystery writer James Moushon has a nice write up about the various author promotions he saw at the festival, with a special eye for the efforts of indie authors.
  • Author David Waid, who writes about the fiction of fantastical history, reports on his visits with several YA authors.
  • Bookreporter has an interview with a festival-goer, Edy Alderson, who provides an excellent overview of the festival’s activities.
  • Rhys Bowen, of Jungle Red Writers, includes several photos and a report on the concert given by the Rock Bottom Remainders, a musical group of authors (Steven King, Amy Tan, etc.) with “one of the world’s highest ratios of noise to talent”.

Speaking of the Remainders, here they are, featuring Steven King on vocals.



  1. Now, that sounds like the best kind o fun!

  2. A book fair on a beautiful spring day, surrounded by tens of thousands of book lovers…a writer’s idea of heaven.

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