RIP Mr. Nimoy

The first time I remember seeing Mr. Spock’s ears was in The Trouble with Tribbles, a tremendous episode of the original Star Trek. I was hooked.

Courtesy of "Learn to Speak Cat" by Anthony Smith

Courtesy “Learn to Speak Cat” by Anthony Smith

In one of the more unusual tributes to Mr. Nimoy, CBC news reports that in Canada, people have been marking up five-dollar banknotes, changing the portrait of former prime minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier to look like Spock.

Spock bill

You will be remembered, Mr. Nimoy–and in your memory, that unforgettable episode of classic Star Trek, The Trouble with Tribbles.



  1. KM Fawcett · · Reply

    Loved that episode!

  2. Star Trek was wonderful. Wish I had the time to sit and watch this. RIP, Leonard Nimoy.

    1. Sometime when you have the chance, Cara, watch that episode on YouTube. As KM said, it’s a great show–and it launched David Gerrold’s career.

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