Eight Sentence Sunday, February 22

Space cat-8 sentence

Welcome back, humans. It’s me, Fart-Fueled Flying Feline (Effing Feline for short), introducing another excerpt for the weekend writing warriors’ Eight Sentence Sunday.

In my sublime feline wisdom, I’ve chosen a selection from Mr. Valentine’s Alien Contact for Idiots, a near-future science fiction romance. No cats in this one, unfortunately, but try not to be too bored.

A duplicate of Vancouver Island has just appeared off the coast of Washington State, and the initial assumption is that aliens with unimaginable technology are to blame.  In this excerpt our heroine, biologist Ell Harmon, becomes the first human from our world to step onto the impossible, alien island.

Trembling, she pulled off her headset and stepped outside. Underfoot lay common dirt and dead grass, overhead a familiar grey sky. And yet this was the most exotic—and tense—moment of her life.

Ell knew what to say. She’d rehearsed it in her daydreams. “That’s one small step for a woman,” she yelled over the helicopter’s roar, correcting Neil Armstrong’s accidental omission of the indefinite article, a. “One huge leap for mankind.”

If you’re counting, you’ve noticed that this is only seven sentences. That’s because I’m a cat, see, not a human, and us cats do not have to follow rules. The excerpt works better with seven sentences, so that’s all you getting. If you insist on eight sentences, sue me. Go ahead, I dare you–you’ll get a really choice sentence outa me!

And please, please, please, add a comment or  like this post. I get one cat treat for each like and two for each comment. So please, purrty please…

Until next time, meow. (That’s Italian-cat-talk for ciao.)

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  1. I quite enjoyed all the little details you’ve worked into this snippet. Very nicely done.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Jess.

  2. Interesting story premise and very intriguing as to why the island appear to be Earthlike! I just wonder, if she’s aware enough to fix Neil Armstrong’s line, would she next say “mankind”? Or would she say something like “humanity”? Not meaning to be political, just as you’ve portrayed her, she seems pretty self confident and self aware, which I LOVE. ANYWAY. Can’t wait for more of the story!

    1. Veronica, I’m innocent, totally innocent. The stupid CAT picked these sentences, not me!

  3. The seven sentences you chose seem complete enough to me. I like the premise; it’s quite interesting.

  4. When I first thought of the premise, Patricia, I thought it might be too simple, especially compared to some of my other books (I’m thinking of The Trial of Tompa Lee and The Midas Rush). It gives me a lot of room to play and have fun, though.

  5. Cool set-up and Ell sounds like an intriguing heroine. I’m looking forward to learning more.

    1. Thanks, Tina. Ell is my kind of heroine–not the ‘kick-ass’ type, but rather the ‘smartest person in the room’ type.

  6. Your writing is so smooth, Ed. My favorite lines–they speak volumes about the this scene. “Underfoot lay common dirt and dead grass, overhead a familiar grey sky. And yet this was the most exotic—and tense—moment of her life.” I am definitely intrigued!

    1. Quite the compliment, Teresa. Thanks!

  7. Purrrfect. 😉 (Give the cat a treat).

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