Cover reveal — Alien Contact for Idiots

Shakespeare says:

“What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet”

To which I respond:

“What’s in a cover? that which we call a book
Inside any other cover would read as sweet”

Shakespeare was was wrong, of course–or rather, he deliberately misleads us here, because the fact that Romeo is named Montague makes a doubly fatal amount of difference.  That’s kind of the whole point of the play, actually.  Names matter.

So do book covers…which leads me to the gorgeous new cover for the upcoming release of Alien Contact for Idiots.

First, some background.  I created the covers for four of my science fiction releases, culminating in The Triumph of Tompa Lee:


After that, though the covers for my latest two books have been created by pros.  First there was The Guardian Angel of Farflung Station:


And now I am very proud to reveal the cover for the first book in my new science fiction romance series: Alien Contact for Idiots. In the shortest way possible, here’s the story:

What’s a woman gonna do
when she’s quarantined with an
out-of-this-world alien?

Not exactly Shakespeare on the quotability scale, but then my first name isn’t William.  You get the general idea about the book, though.

But enough words! Here’s the cover:

Final ebook_Alien Contact for Idiots medium

Cover designed by the talented Danielle Fine.


Find more  information about Alien Contact for Idiots, or read chapter one.

This book is available for pre-order for the introductory price of just 99c. Hurry, because the price goes up when the book goes to general release.  Pre-order Alien Contact for Idiots on Amazon.



  1. I love this cover!!!!

  2. 2004. Igf 1 Severe Matrix Deer Antler Spray is just
    a highly filtered fluid deer antler velvet extract.

    1. And I bet it smells just as sweet no matter which name it’s called.

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