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SFR Brigade showcaseInspired by NASA’s fanciful travel posters for other worlds, I have designed travel posters for some of my science fiction worlds. I have presented each poster individually, but in honor of the SFR Brigade’s Showcase, all the posters are gathered in one place for the first time on any planet.

Go ahead, decide which planet you’d like to visit. Unlike Virgin Galactic, which charges millions, all the trip will cost you is the price of a book.


Earth in the near future, the setting for Alien Contact for Idiots

Travel-Alien Contact 2

What’s so different about the future? Why, it’s Kwadra Island, an (almost) exact duplicate of the largest island off the west coast of the Americas.

How did Kwadra Island get there? American Indians from the future of an alternate Earth moved it there, using advanced technology.

What do they want from our Earth? Go ahead. Imagine the worst…

Genre: Science fiction romance
Coming soon!


Farflung Space Station, the setting for The Guardian Angel of Farflung Station

Travel-Guardian Angel

Farflung Space Station marks the limits of Civ Space. It is the gateway to the frontier worlds inhabited by the Free Folk, who have been known to engage in space piracy from time to time.

The station is old and decrepit, but it’s Sandrina’s home. The mute waif knows so many of Farflung’s secrets that she’s the most powerful (and dangerous) person on the station, though nobody knows it yet.

They’re about to find out.

Genre: Science fiction romance



Planet Zee Shode, the setting for The Trilogy of Tompa Lee

The Trilogy of Tompa Lee is set on Zee Shode. It's inhabitants have a long history, but never achieved space flight Tompa Lee's final showdown occurs in the flooded city of Rapree, pictured here

Zee Shode is one of the most Earthlike planets humans have yet discovered. Its four-foot-tall inhabitants look  too cute and cuddly to be a threat.

But looks are deceiving. One Shon is cute. Three hundred are terrifying–especially when they want to kill you.

And being herd creatures, Shons always travel in packs.

Genre: Science fiction with romantic elements


 Planet Jones, the setting for The Midas Rush


On Planet Jones, the intelligent natives restrict humans to a dangerous rift valley subject to earthquakes, volcanoes, and strange mineral hot springs, rather like Africa’s Great Rift Valley. Humans call the natives Sloths because they never DO anything.

When people discover a village full of Sloths turned into solid gold, it sets off an interplanetary gold rush like none the galaxy has ever seen. And the Sloths are finally going to do something.

Something BIG.

Genre: Science fiction with romantic elements


Be sure to visit the other great authors taking part in the Showcase. You’ll be glad you did!



  1. Ed, such a great idea to make posters! Very cool.

    1. Thanks, Anna. Messing around with graphics is fun, every once in a while.

  2. ha! These are fun! What a great idea 🙂

    1. I have NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory to thank for the inspiration.

  3. Loving your artwork, Mr. Valentine!!

    1. Congratulations on selling Chalvaren Rising, Paula!

  4. KM Fawcett · · Reply

    Very creative, Ed! Love the travel posters and the title “Alien Contact For Idiots” LOL!

    1. Thanks. IMHO, AC for Idiots is the best title I’ve yet come up with.

  5. I like Planet Jones and the Midas touch!

    1. The only problem is that it’s a dangerous place. Minor details, eh?

  6. Great idea, Ed. And I really like the Farflung one.

  7. Greta, the Farflung poster is based on a great picture I got from Deposit Photos, as was the picture for Zee Shode.

  8. Fabulous and fun idea! I’d visit the space station (although mostly because it sounds the least dangerous!)

    1. Ah, you’re feeling unadventurous today, Pippa. What if I told you pirates were about to invade the space station? Still want to visit?

  9. I LOVE this idea!!! so much fun and a cool way to introduce the books.

  10. Really neat! If I were this artistic, though, I would make posters of the beasts of Corona Segundus, the planet of my new book out in April. Especially of the giant rizians, which I don’t describe beyond 8 meters with claws and teeth!

    1. Unfortunately, Eva, to create a picture of an 8 meter creature, I’d need a MUCH bigger monitor.

  11. What an awesome idea! I LOVE these!

    1. Thanks, Katie and Rachel. It doesn’t happen often, but every once in a while I have a non-writing idea I’m proud of.

  12. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this, Ed! Brilliant.

    My husband and I are fans of those vintage travel posters, so this was a true delight. I may steal this idea some time, but I’ll be sure to throw you an attribution and a link. 😉

  13. My sister adorned one of the rooms of her house with vintage travel posters, so you and she have something in common, Heidi.

  14. Great idea Ed. They are cool

    1. Thanks, Evie. I had fun doing them.

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