The Perfect Exotic Vacation for YOU

With the Christmas holidays over and the winter blahs setting in (even here in Arizona), Mr. Valentine’s fancy turns lightly to thoughts of … vacation! But where to go? Maybe you folks can help me out. I can’t decide between these glorious vacation spots:


Kepler-186f is the first Earth-size planet discovered in the potentially ‘habitable zone’ around another star, where liquid water could exist on the planet’s surface. Its star is much cooler and redder than our Sun. If plant life does exist on a planet like Kepler-186f, its photosynthesis could have been influenced by the star’s red-wavelength photons, making for a color palette that’s very different than the greens on Earth.

Like Luke Skywalker's planet "Tatooine" in Star Wars, Kepler-16b orbits a pair of stars. Depicted here as a terrestrial planet, Kepler-16b might also be a gas giant like Saturn.

Like Luke Skywalker’s planet “Tatooine” in Star Wars, Kepler-16b orbits a pair of stars. Depicted here as a terrestrial planet, Kepler-16b might also be a gas giant like Saturn.

The travel posters are courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech, for planets that have actually been discovered. As of this writing, PlanetQuest has confirmed 1804 planets outside our solar system, and another 3199 deep space objects that are candidates for planethood. That’s a total of 5003 exo-planets!

Exciting news, certainly. But it makes vacation planning hard.

In the spirit of NASA’s travel posters, I’ve created posters for some of my own science fictional vacation destinations. Here’s the first of them. Check back tomorrow for the next travel poster–and a FREE book offer.

Planet Jones, setting for The Midas Rush


On Planet Jones, the setting for The Midas Rush, the intelligent natives restrict humans to a dangerous rift valley subject to earthquakes, volcanoes, and strange mineral hot springs, rather like Africa’s Great Rift Valley.

Midas Rush new 7c thumbnailFollowing the discovery of an ancient village of aliens transformed into gold, Tresky Buffrum leaves his sheep farm on the planet Jones to seek adventure—and immediately finds himself marrying a mysterious beauty who lures him onto the long trek to the Midas Crater. Can Tresky defeat the interplanetary conspirators seeking to destroy the Midas Crater—and shatter his dreams of independence?

Read the opening of The Midas Rush, a science fiction novel.

On which planet would you like to vacation? Drop me a line or a comment and I’ll see if I can arrange passage. For a price, of course.  🙂


See more science fiction travel posters:


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