Of Oboes that Sing–and Cabbages and Kings

NaNo Again!

I should have fit ‘National Novel Writing Month’ into my little rhyming title for this post, but dang, it neither scans nor rhymes.

I’ve done NaNoWriMo, as it’s also known, with great success–it inspires me to be more prolific than I normally am. Two years ago, my NaNo project was The Tribulations of Tompa Lee.  Last year, I wrote the first draft of The Triumph of Tompa Lee. The Tompa Lee trilogy is now complete, so no Tompa this year.

Just to keep me honest, here’s my progress so far.  To complete 50k words in the month of November, I need to average 1667 words per day, and so far I’m doing fine.  Later on, NaNo becomes a bit of a grind, yet I enjoy it nonetheless.

Loree oboe

A New Addition to the Family

I also have a new addition to my family–a Loree oboe with AK bore!!!

That might not excite you, but for me, it’s worth several exclamation points!  I traded in my 32-year-old Loree for a new model, and it’s a noticeable improvement.

Something so phallic as an oboe is obviously a male, but then why are the best names that sound like ‘Loree’ all female? There’s Lorie, Loren, Lorelei, and Lauretia.

Maybe, though, I should focus less on the brand name and more on the generic name: oboe.  How about Obadiah? Nah, too old a name for a new oboe.

I’ve got it! As a science fiction writer, the perfect name is…

Are you ready for it?

Obi Wan.  As in Obi Wan Oboe.  Catchy, eh?

What about you?  Do you play a musical instrument? And if so, does the instrument have a name?


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