Sneak Peek: Farflung Angel

On sneak peek Sunday, you can sample dozens of new novels. Don’t worry–all the snippets are short, just six paragraphs.

Here you have the meet-cute from Mr. Valentine’s upcoming science fiction romance, The Guardian Angel of Farflung Station. The Duke, is the new  head of security for Farflung Space Station.  He has just tailed a young woman who had broken into a station worker’s (empty) private quarters.

theguardianangeloffarflungstation--thumbnailThe pocket door slid into the wall with a whoosh. The girl was poking at Bahadur’s computer, but she jerked upright with a classic caught-in-the-act expression: wide eyes, wrinkled forehead, trembling lips.

When Duke strode into the room, she tried to dart past him. He caught her waist in the crook of his elbow. With his other elbow, he tapped the jamb, closing the door.

“Principal Officer Dukelsky,” he began, “Station—” Flailing at him, she slapped him in the mouth. “—Security,” he finished.

She raised her hand again, but he caught her wrist. She hadn’t clawed his face when she had the chance, so he was gentle but firm. With one arm, he lifted her and deposited her on the unmade bed across from the comp outlet. She bounced back up as though the mattress were a trampoline. Grabbing her again, Duke’s legs got caught in hers and they both tripped. He landed on top of her on the bed, breaking the fall with his arms.

As she squirmed under him, Duke realized he’d been wrong. She wasn’t a girl. Her body was mature enough to remind him he hadn’t been in bed with a female in far too long. Ignoring the growing awareness, he circled her wrists with one hand and held them over her head.

“Stop fighting,” he ordered.

 It isn’t the most promising meeting for a romance, is it?  Never fear, Duke and the (so-far) nameless woman get together in the end, though they have to plough their way through literally scores of people who would keep them apart.

Want more?  The Guardian Angel of Farflung Station is now available for pre-order!


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