Sneak Peek Sunday, 10/12/14

On sneak peek Sunday, you can sample dozens of new novels. Don’t worry–all the snippets are short, just six paragraphs.

Here you have six key paragraphs from Mr. Valentine’s upcoming science fiction romance, The Guardian Angel of Farflung Station. The hero, Duke, is dining with a fellow security specialist, when he makes a crucial deduction about the heroine, Sandrina.

theguardianangeloffarflungstation--thumbnail“Sheer Luck Station,” chorused the café patrons.

Several of them announced other recent strokes of luck. A slip-card of family pictures, lost for a decade, had miraculously turned up. A favorite childhood hardcopy book had appeared out of nowhere. For a moment, the café filled with smiles, laughter, and camaraderie.

Even Lockey smiled. “Sheer Luck Station?”

“A local myth,” Duke answered. “Some think the space station has a guardian angel, although in my opinion it’s just chance, or maybe an anonymous do-gooder. In fact, I—”

Abruptly, he froze. Then he jerked his head around, searching for Sandrina. She stood by the kitchen doorway, meeting his gaze with a blank look. He expected her to look away at any second, but she didn’t. Her blank stare melted into a fluid smile cycling through chagrin and wistfulness to embarrassment. Her face flaming, she stumbled back into the kitchen and closed the door.

After she fiddled with Bahadur’s computer, the technician “luckily” found a bookmark that hadn’t existed before. Coincidence? Hah. And A.J. Pryor, the unworthy jerk, would be the next to enjoy the station’s fabled luck. Sandrina with no last name, the tortured and wordless waif, the lowest of them all—she was Farflung Station’s guardian angel, spreading goodness wherever she sneaked.

Want more? You’re in luck, because Farflung Angel is now available for pre-order.

And don’t forget to check out Mr. V’s listing of authors’ newly published science fiction romances–and especially the other great writers participating in Sneak Peek Sunday.

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  1. sarahhegger · · Reply

    Love to see some SciFi. Cut my teeth on Isaac Asimov and never looked back

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Sarah, but I simply have to ask. When you say you ‘cut your teeth’ on Isaac Asimov, you aren’t implying you’re a vampire. Are you? 🙂

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