SFR Brigade Showcase 1


As part of the SFR Brigades showcase, I give you a short excerpt from The Guardian Angel of Farflung Station, to be released October 21.

The setting is Farflung Space Station, an old and rather decrepit station handling trade to and from the planet it orbits.  It’s a city in space, housing four thousand people–and, as we see in the excerpt below, at least one urban legend.

While dining in an on-station cafe where the heroine, Sandrina, works Duke, the station’s new head of security,explains the legend to a visitor, Princess Lakshmi Braganza, known as Lockey for short.


“Sheer Luck Station,” chorused the café patrons.

Several of them announced other recent strokes of luck. A slip-card of family pictures, lost for a decade, had miraculously turned up. A favorite childhood hardcopy book had appeared out of nowhere. For a moment, the café filled with smiles, laughter, and camaraderie.

Even Lockey smiled. “Sheer Luck Station?”

“A local myth,” Duke answered. “Some think the space station has a guardian angel, although in my opinion it’s just chance, or maybe an anonymous do-gooder. In fact, I—”

Abruptly, he froze. Then he jerked his head around, searching for Sandrina. She stood by the kitchen doorway, meeting his gaze with a blank look. He expected her to look away at any second, but she didn’t. Her blank stare melted into a fluid smile cycling through chagrin and wistfulness to embarrassment. Her face flaming, she stumbled back into the kitchen and closed the door.

After she fiddled with Bahadur’s computer, the technician “luckily” found a bookmark that hadn’t existed before. Coincidence? Hah. And A.J. Pryor, the unworthy jerk, would be the next to enjoy the station’s fabled luck.

Sandrina with no last name, the tortured and wordless waif, the lowest of them all—she was Farflung Station’s guardian angel, spreading goodness wherever she sneaked.

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  1. How nice to have a guardian angel to help find things. Wold love if Sandrina helped me find my muse. LOL!

    1. Sandrina finds things that have been lost on the space station orbiting planet Crassin. Is that where you lost your muse?

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