Cat humor winner and breaking news

Today, a little bit of this and that, from submissive puddy cats to a bunch of breaking news about books.

Breaking News #1: Cat Humor Update

A little while back, I posted some science fiction cat humor, along with a captionless photo.  The best caption so far, submitted by a friend who wishes to remain anonymous, appears below.

Cat hands up 2

Breaking News#2: The Guardian Angel of Farflung Station

My next book is coming to your local virtual bookstore very soon–October 21st.  It isn’t available for advanced ordered yet, but that will come soon.  Take a peek at The Guardian Angel of Farflung Station.


Breaking News #3: The Triumph of Tompa Lee book tour

Ongoing right now is a virtual book tour for the third book in The Trilogy of Tompa Lee.  Lots of exciting stuff going on, including giveaways.  Be sure to drop by!


Breaking News #4: The Midas Rush now available in paperback

One of my backlist titles, The Midas Rush, is now available in paperback in a new edition.  I have a soft spot for underdogs, and shepherd Tresky Buffrum is as lovable and unlikely a hero as you’ll find on all of planet Jones!

Midas Rush new 7c thumbnail


Breaking News #5: Beaucoup site updates

If you’ve haven’t yet checked these out, do so fast:

  • New books added to the New SFR pages
  • An excerpt from the exciting new novella, The Guardian Angel of Farflung Station

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