New Releases–and Farflung Angel

Today, a bit of news here and there.


I’ve gotten a tentative release date for my science fiction romance novella, The Guardian Angel of Farflung Station.  Muse It Up publishing scheduled the release for October 21. Shiny!

Farflung Angel is one of those extremely rare works that came to me in a flash, in structure at least, though not all the details.  Unable to sleep one evening, I watched a late movie–Amelie.  I loved the character, an anonymous do-gooder who’s too reserved to do good for herself, and poof! Sandrina was born. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Last but far from least

Authors have been sending in a lot of new science fiction romance releases lately. For September alone, we now have:

  • Captured by the Hawk by Aurora Springer
  • Ghost Phoenix by Corrina Lawson
  • Golden Perspective, by Lynn B. Davidson
  • My Name Is A’yen, by Rachel Leigh Smith
  • Red Rex: Blood Echoes by Calinda B
  • Sol: Legacy, by Vanessa Kittle and Erin Grooms

Plus new books have been added to the pages for July, August, and October–so be sure to check out the New SFR pages.



  1. Simply Awesome!!!

  2. Thanks, Paula. Your insights during Beta reading helped to make The Guardian Angel of Farflung Station what it is.

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