How Does Science Fiction Measure Up?


All of us are many things–often, contradictory things. For myself, I’m a hockey fan (go Canucks, go!) who can’t skate.

I once built a functioning robot with my own little soldering iron, yet I refuse to buy anything but a cheap, unsmart phone.

I’m a husband and a lover—of the same lovely lady, I hasten to add.

And I am 74. Also 188.

No, not years, wise guy.  Sheesh.  I’m 74 inches tall in Imperial measurements or 188 centimeters in metric.

I bring this up because of a recent thread on the Science Fiction Romance (SFR) Brigade  about which of the two system of measurements is most appropriate for science fiction. In my manuscript for The Guardian Angel of Farflung Station (due out next month), I used Imperial measures, but the editor suggested metric.  I then posed the question to the writers of SFRB, and they were close to unanimous.


For those familiar with only one system, click here for a handy converter.

How about you? I wouldn’t dare ask how much you weigh, but how tall are you in metric? In imperial?


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