More Science Fiction Cats

A while back, I posted about my favorite cats in science fiction literature. Folks responded with a bunch of their favorite cats, and so here they are–the long list of SF puddy tats.

(picture courtesy Deposit Photos)

(picture courtesy Deposit Photos)

  • Petronius the Arbiter (AKA Pete) from The Door into Summer by Robert A. Heinlein
  • Linnea Sinclair, Games of Command
  • Ruthven Todd and Paul Galdone, Space Cat Meets Mars
  • “The Game of Rat and Dragon” in Rediscovery of Man: The Complete Short Science Fiction of Cordwainer Smith
  • C.J. Cherryh, Chanur
  • Larry Niven, Kzin books
  • McCaffery, Doona series
  • Andre Norton, almost anything
  • All the firecat characters in Mercedes Lackeys Valdemar books
  • Robin Robb, Farseer trilogy
  • Julian May, Galactic Milieu
  • Lark Eden, Loving Spirits– Cranston (Crannie)
  • Shadow Dancer from Cat Magic by Lynda Trent
  • Cat and Sheba from Moonstruck by Colleen Shannon
  • Panjit and Henri from Get Thee A Cat by Coral Smith Saxe
  • Sebestyen (Smudge) from One Magic Moment by Victoria Alexander
  • Hector from Heart’s Desire by Nina Coombs
  • Venus (Aphrodite) from The Black Cat by Hayley Ann Solomon.
  • S’kat and S’kitty – from Mercedes Lackey’s Shipscat
  • Galahad from J.D. Robb’s In Death series
  • Harry Dresden from Jim Butcher’s famed “Dresden Files” has a cat who is quite the tough cookie
  • Gael Greeno wrote a series about a race of telepathic cats who work with humans and go from village to village working together as a circuit court judge and the cat can verify the truth of what the humans are saying.
  • Hallan Meras from Legacy of Chanur and Pyanfar Chanur from Price of Chanur, Chanur’s Venture, the Kif Strike Back, by C.J. Cherryh
  • Chee Lan from Poul Anderson;s Polesotechnic series
  • C’Mell from Nortralia and The Ballad of Lost C’Mell (short story) by Cordwainer Smith
  • The cat in Fledgling by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller who starts off at Jen Sar Kiladi’s cat but makes his preference for Theo Waitely obvious
  • Sprockets from Mission to Universe by Gordon R. Dickson
  • The character who said “Tails high, brothers!” in The Vortex Blasters/Masters of the Vortex by EE Doc Smith
  • The Green Cat from Green Millennium by Fritz Lieber
  • The Barque Cats (take your pick from a shipload of cats). They’re the stars of two books: Catalyst by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough and Catacombs by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
  • The Cat from Outer Space by Ted Key
  • The Cheshire Cat, from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
  • Krosp King of Cats in Phil and Kaja Foglio’s series Girl Genius
  • Teela (Antella, Lord Antella), a Barrani in Michelle Sagara’s Elantra book (they all start with “Cast in”)
  • Nightshade, a Barrani, in the Elantra books
  • Sergant Marcus Kassan, a Leotine, form the Elantra books
  • Imaili the Arrin-ken in P C Hodgell’s books
  • Shadow, Night, and Snow from Michelle Sagara writing as MIchelle West’s books—one of the books in the series The Sun Sword, where they show up as three large, HEAVY stone cats, squabbling with one another (“I’m BORED!”) and shoving other another around.  They show up again in the House War series, when Jewel Markess returns to Averaalan from the war in the South (Note, I think Michelle  Sagara is allergic to cats!)
  • Blake (Kitten) and Tomolina from A Fairy Tale by Cindy Holbrook
  • Jelly from A Bewitching Minx by Nancy Lawrence
  • Diane Duane, The Book of Night With Moon with cat-wizards Rhiow and her friends/team Saash and Urruah and apprentice Arhu
  • Fritti Tailchaser of Tailchaser’s song byTad Williams
  • Tanya Huff had a series of “Keeper Chronicles” featuring talking cats
  • Chester from The Celery Stalks at Midnight by James Howe
  • Captain Wow in The Game of Rat and Dragon by Cordwainer Smith and the Lady May from the same story
  • Gummitch in Spacetime for Springers by Fritz Leiber

How about you?  Any other science fiction cats you’d like to add?



  1. Jeremy Klein · · Reply

    If it’s on your list, I missed it, and I know neither the title nor the author, but I distinctly remember reading an SF short story in which the crew of an Earth ship fool a superior and hostile alien ship’s crew so as to avoid attack, by pretending that the ship’s cat is actually the captain. Since the cat behaves like…a cat (i.e. aloof and superior) the aliens assume the Earth ship is more powerful than it really is, and do not attack. Do you know anything more about this story?

    1. That sounds like a really cute story … but unfortunately I’m not familiar with it. Sorry!

    2. That is exactly the story i am trying to track down. From very late fifties or early sixties.

  2. Dana Kruser · · Reply

    It was in one of the monthly pubs of the time.. maybe “Analog”, but I got so many in those days I cannot be certain. I have been looking for it also. PLEASE someone find it and re-print!!

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