The Triumph of Tompa Lee — now available!

Tompa Lee finally gets her happily-ever-after


Toss some confetti!

Blow a trumpet fanfare!

The Triumph of Tompa Lee is now available!

Yes, my underdog heroine, who has been compared to Lisbeth Salander inthe Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,  finally gets her happily-ever-after in this, the final book of The Trilogy of Tompa Lee.

The Trouble with Tribbles Trilogies

Personally, I hesitate to start reading trilogies or continuing series until they’re done.  Game of Thrones aficionados can empathize, I imagine.  You’ve read all these books and you’re practically panting with eagerness to know how it all turns out.

But the final book isn’t ready yet.  And when it is, you’ve forgotten what made you so eager.

Well, hesitate no longer to start reading the Trilogy of Tompa Lee.  While I’ve left wiggle room for additional stories set in Tompa’s universe, they will not feature Tompa.  After all the tragedies and dangers I’ve heaped onto the poor woman, she deserves some peace.  I hereby promise to stop picking on her now!

Previous books in the trilogy:


You can purchase Triumph in trade paperback at, and in various electronic formats wherever fine e-books are sold:

My thanks to all my readers.  Without you, why bother to write?  You’re a crucial part of the writing process, so take a bow.  I love to hear from all of you, so please feel free to leave a comment.



  1. Jane Howard · · Reply

    Congratulations, Ed! Saw this posted by Debbie Lloyd on Facebook. You are a prolific author! Miss Annan would be proud! Hope all goes well for you in all realms! Jane Algmin

    1. Talk about a blast from the past–I haven’t seen or heard of you since high school, Jane!

      Miss Annan SHOULD be proud. Until I took her English class, I was a math/science/music guy, but she had faith in my writing and awakened me to new possibilities. She even told me, in her inimitable style that turned compliments into scolds, that she wouldn’t be surprised if I could be successful a writer because I looked at the world in a slightly cock-eyed way … the first time anyone had ever seen this trait as a positive.

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