The SFR Brigade Presents One Last Triumph

SFR Brigade PresentsIf you haven’t checked out the Science Fiction Romance Brigade, you really should. This group of writers contains some of the major voices in women’s science fiction, including Catherine Asaro and Linnea Sinclair.

Some members write romance set in futuristic settings. Others, such as Mr. Valentine, write more traditional science fiction, but emphasize strong female leads and romantic elements.

This week, several brigadiers are sharing short selections from their work. Below is the last snippet I’ll be posting before The Triumph of Tompa Lee goes on sale July 29. In this scene, we visit the head of Lily Kilsing, a bounty hunter hired to kill Tompa.

“If you ask me again, I’ll marry you.” But even to her ears, the words to a dead man sounded hollow and insincere.

Derek had loved her, and it had killed him, and she would kill Tompa Lee and the people she loved. Her fingers itched to kill Ming and the Shon—but not yet. She still needed them for bait. She would, however, turn on the cell’s water torture, slowing filling the cell and killing them by inches. Everything Lee loved must die.

But why couldn’t she cry for Derek? Avenge him, yes, she would do that. But cry? His lifeless eyes accused her.

“I’m sorry I never said ‘I love you’ while you were alive.”

But did she love him? The question rose like bile in her throat.

With dry eyes and an inner fury such as she’d never experienced in a life filled with cold rage, she charged back to the workshop to don her armor and to pay some Shons to bury Derek.

This was no longer just a job. Tompa Lee was no longer just an abstraction that she felt duty-bound to eradicate.

Now it was personal.

Be sure to check out the great excerpts from other SFR Brigadiers!

1. Sue Ann Bowling 2. Aurora Springer


  1. Indeed she is, Aurora. Totally devoted to killing my heroine, as well.

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