The SFR Brigade Presents another Triumph

SFR Brigade PresentsIf you haven’t checked out the Science Fiction Romance Brigade, you really should. This group of writers contains some of the major voices in women’s science fiction, including Catherine Asaro and Linnea Sinclair.

Some members write romance set in futuristic settings. Others, such as Mr. Valentine, write more traditional science fiction, but emphasize strong female leads and romantic elements.

This week, several brigadiers are sharing short selections from their work. Below is the opening of The Triumph of Tompa Lee, which will be available on July 29.

When the goddess from outer space began removing her nightgown, Awmit rotated his neck one-hundred-eighty degrees to look away. Tompa Lee never wanted him to view her body.

Cloth rustled. The bed creaked.

His friend’s bizarre modesty baffled Awmit for the twelve-to-the-twelfth time. Tompa could suppose negatively that human nudity would arouse him. The idea flew beyond ludicrous.

Yet he writhed with curiosity about human beings, and as the ancient proverb taught, curiosity was the opposite of a waistline: when starved, it grew. Perhaps the time had come to slay this silly obstacle to comprehensive friendship. He would quietly turn and watch as she—

A thunderclap of words exploded the thought out of his mind.

“Tompa Lee,” the thunderclap snarled, “we command you to commit suicide!”

You can check out the brand new reveal of Triumph’s cover. I’m particularly proud of this cover, so please, let me know what you think!

And be sure to check out the great excerpts from other SFR Brigadiers:

  1. Anna Hackett
  2. Sue Ann Bowling
  3. Deborah A Bailey
  4. Aurora Springer
  5. Greta van der Rol




  1. Mary Roya · · Reply

    Oh my, what a great tease. 7/29/14 will be here before you know it. Looking forward to read this.

    1. With all the last-minute things I need to do, 7/29 may get here too soon!

  2. A dramatic ending! Love it!

  3. A very dramatic ending!

    1. Thanks, Anna–and Aurora, too.

  4. Hmm. who’s giving her orders?

    1. Ah, Sue Ann, to learn that, you have to read the book!

  5. Wow! I wasn’t expecting that!

    1. Then the passage worked as planned.

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