The Best Weekend Ever

Best Weekend Ever

What was your all-time best weekend ever? The weekend you got married? Lost your virginity? Won the lottery?

Mr. Valentine just had his best weekend ever. Here are the top ten reasons why:

10) The weather was sunny and warm, even for Arizona. Unlike back east, this has been one of the mildest winters in history.

Milkfuls9) I got a rare bag of Milkfuls, a fantastic European hard candy that’s available in Canada but not in the States.

8) I baked an orange cake and made one of the family’s favorite desserts, cherry cream pudding.

7) My wife had both Thursday and Friday off work. True to his nickname, Mr. Valentine loves to spend time with the wife.

Tompa Trial thumbnail6) I finished editing and okayed the proofs of the softcover edition of The Trial of Tompa Lee. After originally coming out in hardcover, then eBook, it’s now available in trade paperback on

To celebrate the release, Trial has a new cover, shown at right.

5) We had Christmas in February, complete with Christmas tree.

The tree wasn’t decorated, but knowing that a Feb Xmas was likely (see #2 below), we left it out of its box. We opened a handful of presents that had remained wrapped from December.

Available in trade paperback and e-book on February 26, 2014

Available in trade paperback and e-book on February 26, 2014

4) I received my proof copies of The Tribulations of Tompa Lee. The book is coming out in both Kindle and trade paperback on February 26.

3) I got a contract offer for my science fiction romance novella, Farflung Angel. It features lots action, a heroine who is one of the most stunning characters I’ve ever created, and a kick-ass princess who doesn’t get the hero. More on Angel in a later post.

2) My son Chris flew in from Vancouver, where he is a researcher at the University of British Columbia. We hadn’t seen him since June.

1) And the number one reason I had a great weekend:

My daughter gave birth to my first grandchild, Wesley! Mother and child are doing great.


What about you?  What was your best weekend ever?



  1. Tough to top that one, Ed!!

    Congrats on so many levels, Mr. Valentine!!

  2. Yes, Paula, last weekend will be hard to top. That means it’s all downhill from here, for the rest of my life …

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