Beauties of Nature

Backyard sunset

It’s often humbling to me as a writer to realize that no matter how beautifully I write, Mother Nature is going to kick my butt.

Take sunsets. Spectacular sunsets are free, and they’re all around.  The one above is from my backyard.

Beauty abounds even in the most unexpected places. Take swamps. An international team voted Dusk by the Frog Pond (below) the most beautiful sound in the world.  Do you agree?

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The Beautiful Now website is devoted to the beauty all around us … including food. Butter Crunch is one of their food picks for its combination of sight, sound, and taste.

Beautiful for its sight, sound, and of course taste!

Beautiful for its sight, sound, and of course taste!


Unborn baby Wesley, Mr. Valentine’s first grandchild, due in early February.

How about an unborn baby seen inside the womb? Now that sight is a miracle! Case in point, this ultrasound of Mr. Valentine’s first grandchild, who is unborn as of this writing.

Of course, there’s also the beauty of the adult human form, which has been celebrated by painters and sculptors since before history began.

Venus de Milo

Ever noticed how the Venus de Milo isn’t an emaciated preteen? I think maybe the old-timers had their priorities more correct than does the modern fashion industry!

For a final, definitive word on beauty, I leave you with Helen Keller:

Helen Keller gets the final word

Helen Keller gets the final word

At their best, storytellers can make us feel with the heart. Maybe I shouldn’t be so jealous of sunsets after all!


If you’re a writer, what unexpected touches of beauty have you described in the worlds you’ve created?  If you’re a reader, what is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever come across in your life?



  1. Beauty lives in Wesley’s face.
    That’s simply awesome!

    1. And that frog pond – too cool!!

  2. Needless to say, Wesley will not be a creature from out of the swamp!

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