A Dream Message and Dreamy Music

A message from a dream

A message from a dream

The alarm on Mr. Valentine’s clock radio starts out quietly and gradually swells in volume. I never hear the alarm at first; it crescendos up to ‘LOUD’ before I hear it.  And then, of course, the radio has to hop over and hit me on the head a few times before I get up.  🙂

The other day, in that grey stretch between the alarm starting and me hearing it, I had a dream in which my laptop flashed the following message:

This message has been flagged as unfair!

Goes to show what my subconscious thinks of alarm clocks!


National Novel Writing Month is nearly over, and once again Mr. Valentine is a ‘winner’, with 64,000 words.  Nothing like an external deadline to squeeze those creative juices out a stone.

And Finally, the Dreamy Music

As some of you know, Mr. Valentine moonlights as a symphonic oboist.  I’m one of the few non-waiters you’ll meet who owns a tuxedo.

That’s why, in The Trial of Tompa Lee, aliens give earth the secret to interstellar travel in exchange for a symphony orchestra. Not just any orchestra, either–a group I played with for ten years, the Kamloops Symphony Orchestra.

I recently learned that my current group, the Civic Orchestra of Tucson, is playing Bizet’s Symphony in C in March, 2014.  Cool, cool, cool!

You see, the second movement features a long, spectacularly gorgeous oboe solo that recurs several times during the piece. When you listen to the Adagio below, imagine my face instead of the guy playing the oboe.  (Hint:  I have more hair, but it’s white.)

The famous solo starts at the 1:00 mark and comes back several times. (If you’re unsure what an oboe is, the still picture prefacing the movie shows this orchestra’s oboist.)


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