Thoughts on the End of Breaking Bad

BadReviews sometimes open with spoiler alerts, right?  While this isn’t a review and I’m not about to spoil anything for anyone, I’ll post my own version of a spoiler alert: Mr. Valentine rarely watches television.

Time for writing and music has to come from somewhere.  One of the best and, I’ll admit, hardest decisions I made was to drastically pare back the time spent with television.  It’s great advice for every aspiring writer, BTW.

Oh, I still watch baseball and hockey games once every couple of weeks (Go White Sox!  Go Canucks!). The wife and I watch Survivor together every Wednesday night.  Aside from the an occasional movie, that’s about it.

So while I’ve seen Breaking Bad a couple of times I’m neither knowledgeable nor a fan. My son Brett loves the show, though, and has prompted me to watch it several times.

One thing I’ll say for the show, however, it has prompted moments of wisdom from people other than me.  First, Miley Cyrus.

I can hear you now, even with my computer speakers turned off.  “Wait jut a darned minute!” you say.  “Wisdom from Miley Cyrus, of pasties fame?”

Yup.  Wisdom from Miley Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus's wisdom

One of the advantages of novel writing, as opposed to television, is that if I use ‘fuck’ (which I do only if the situation or character really calls for it), it doesn’t get bleepin’ bleeped!

The next bit of wisdom comes from a cartoonist, Christopher Keelty.  Wisdom from a cartoonist should surprise no one.  They’re some of the modern world’s wisest and sharpest tongued satirists.

Keelty cartoon

All this may seem as though I dislike Breaking Bad.  Au contraire!  It is, above all, an extremely well written show.  If anything, I’m jealous.  So color me green with envy.

Mr Valentine_envious


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