Science Fiction Jokes, part 3

Been a while since I posted anything, so let’s jump right in with a cartoon close to my heart.

Science Fiction Girl

Last Kiss John Lustig

This is courtesy of John Lustig’s Last Kiss site. John finds pictures from old magazines (this one from Just Married #10, 1959) and recaptions them.  Here’s John’s commentary on this cartoon:

“I could be wrong, but it seems like women in popular entertainment are more likely to be portrayed as strong, heroic action-oriented characters if the stories are science fiction or fantasy-based.Buffy, Xena, Wonder Woman, Emma Peal, Ellen Ripley, Sarah Connor, Lara Croft, etc.

“Why? Is it safer if it’s a fantasy?

“Be Sociable, Share!”

And Now for Something Completely Different
  • Knock knock.
  • Who’s there?
  • Heisenberg.
  • Are you sure?
Original Star Trek

I recently stumbled on a great little site.  I was quickly hooked and  got nothing done the rest of the evening. Gary Woolsey has put together a veritable feast of posters based on scenes from the original Star Trek, with his own snarky captions.  Here are some great samples:

Star Trek-Gas
Star Trek-Retro

Blood Vine

I’m currently doing a beta read of a great new vampire novel in the Blood Vine series by a good friend, Amber Belldene. In her honor, I give you the following from one of my favorite cartoons, Pearls before Swine, featuring the sometime too stuck-up Goat:

Paranormal romance

The Trouble FOR Tribbles

And finally, one more for Trekies.

Star Trek-Tribbles



  1. Mary Roya · · Reply

    Thanks for sharing. I love Star Trek!

  2. Me, too, especially the original. I can’t say I remember the crew eating Tribbles, though.

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