Sneak Peak Sunday

Sneak peak SundaySneak Peek Sunday is a new (at least for me) blog hop that shares excerpts.  Since I love to share, I thought I would participate.  What we’re doing is sharing six paragraphs from a published work or a WIP (work in progress).

In my recently released The Midas Rush (science fiction with romantic elements), as in any novel worth its paper, the hero/heroine has to have a dream.  An author’s task, unfortunately, is to thwart, block, frustrate, impede, hinder, obstruct, blockade, deter, and generally make it as hard as humanly possible for the hero to fulfill his dream.  Nasty folk, us authors!

In this week’s excerpt, Tresky Buffrum explains his dream to his newlywed wife, Ebbril:

“I just want us to be happy together,” Tresky whispered.  “A quiet life,” he continued after a moment, more to himself than to her.  “A home in Gasparre.  Nothing ostentatious, but with a mountain view that the richest Haybold merchant would sell his wife for.

“You, with our child at your breast.  Me, with a small flock.  Not a big flock, but enough to feed and clothe us and buy an occasional trinket for your life-necklace.  My mother would give you one of her grandmother’s life-necklace chains, Ebbril.  She’d love and respect you because you’re so bright and strong, and she’d help you teach our children to be bright and strong.  Just like you.”

Ebbril’s throat moved.  She looked away.

Tresky gestured as though drawing a picture against the backdrop of a cloud that floated between two moons. “And when the children grow older the boys help me tend our sheep, and the girls help you manage our farm.  There’ll be problems, there always are, but together we handle them.  The boys grow self-confident and powerful, not like the other Gasparre lads.  And the girls—”

He lowered his hand to his side.  Ebbril was staring at him.

“Our daughters,” he whispered, “will all be as breathtakingly beautiful as you.”

Midas Rush_website


How does Ebbril respond to this poetic vision?  She kicks Tresky out and makes him sleep outside.  Told you–nasty folk, us authors!

Does Tresky reach his dream in the end? Well, you’ll have to read The Midas Rush to find out … but I will tell you that he face roadblocks. You know, like having to save his planet from aliens, terrorists, and foreign governments.  Nasty, nasty!

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