Looking for a Great Read, part 2: Rita Award nominees

The other day, I listed the nominees for the prestigious Hugo Award for best science fiction novel of 2012.  Today I’ll show you  for the Rita nominees in the Paranormal Romance category … and one other, a nominee for best first novel.

But first, I have a confession.  I’m not sure how much stock to put in award nominees.  Especially for romances, because the field is so vast, with so many books published, that no one can know more than a tiny sliver of a year’s offerings. How, then, can anyone compare accurately enough to say “This is the best book of the year!”

There are eight nominees in the paranormal romanced subgenre. I have no faith that they are the best eight books–but it is safe to say that they’re better than average.

Best First novel: a very worthy SR Romance

First, though, a nominee not from the Paranormal subgenre, but from the first novel category.  It isn’t about vampires, angels, or magic.  Instead it’s a good ol’ science fiction romance: Ghost Planet, by Sharon Lynn Fisher.  I don’t know if it will win or not, but I do know it’s worthy of the award.

Unlike too many SF Rom books, Fisher manages a nice balance between science fiction and romance.  The science fiction set up is fascinating, and it is seamlessly interwoven with the romance; you can have one without the other … and that’s good writing. For a first novel, wow! Give it a read!

Paranormal Romance Nominees

There are a bunch of nominees for best paranormal romance.  Here they are, enjoy!  (Click on a book cover for more information.)



How do YOU feel about book awards?  Do you always read the winners?  Sometimes read them?  Or never?


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