The SFR Brigade Presents III

SFR Brigade

The Science Fiction Romance Brigade presents… a collection of cool SFR snippets!  Check out some favorite or new-to-you authors!

The Midas Rush

Today’s selection is from The Midas Rush, my upcoming science fiction novel with romantic elements. Two of the four main characters have been assigned to work together: MacKay Rullitch of the Interworld Security Force, and Griganna Hannu, a policewoman on the planet Jones.

Major Rullitch heaved an impatient sigh.  “The other five colony planets remained civilized, but here on Jones you’ve been in a Dark Age since the first generation.  You don’t care about aliens transformed into gold, and they’re a miracle.  You don’t investigate, don’t dream.”  The Offworlder policeman tipped the beer bottle to his lips, but it was empty.  He tossed it to the floor, where it rolled until stopping against a table leg.  “Golden miracles, but you people don’t care.”

His eyes, puffy and red, glistened in the electric light.  Griganna leaned forward, hand outstretched.  “Is everything all right, Major?  Have you been crying?”

Mistake, mistake!  Rullitch turned toward her, scowling.  “I’ve been ordered to investigate safety conditions for tourists,” he snarled.  “You’re to escort me on the first caravan to the Midas Crater.  Or is that too much for you to handle?”

Availability of The Midas Rush

Midas Rush_final

The The Midas Rush will be available on on March 9 to coincide with the annual Tucson Festival of Books, one of the largest book festivals in the United States. Last year over 100,000 people and 450 authors attended.  Mr. Valentine will be speaking on a couple of panels and also autographing books.  I hope to see some of you there!


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