The SFR Brigade Presents


What the heck does  “The SFR Brigade Presents” mean?

There’s a two-part answer:

SFR Brigade

  1. The SFR Brigade is a world-wide, online community of science fiction romance authors, and Mr. Valentine is a proud member. Other members include Catherine Asaro, Eva Caye, Imogene Nix, Isabo Kelly, Jessica Subject, Linnea Sinclair, Lyla Bardan, and Sarah Shade. When you’re browsing for a good science fiction romance, check it out on the web or on Facebook.
  2. The Presents part deals with a blog hop a bunch of us are taking part in by posting brief snippets from either a published work or a work in progress.  Be sure to check out other writers’ snippets!

Snippet from The Midas Rush

Without further ado, here is a snippet from The Midas Rush, my upcoming science fiction novel with romantic elements.  Poor Tresky, a hick from the sticks of the planet Jones, has gone to the big city and found himself a wife, Ebbril, who married him only for his money.  As you can read below, the marriage ain’t going so well:

“Tresky, no.”

“But Ebbril–“

“Keep your hands to yourself and go to sleep.”

“But we’ve been married two days already!”

“There’s only a curtain between us and the hall. Everyone in the Happy Louse would gather
around to listen. Maybe they’d pull back the curtain to watch. Are you trying to
humiliate me? Don’t you respect me at all?”

“Of course, but–“

“Then good night, Tresky. No, I mean it! Turn around and go to sleep.”

“Tomorrow, then? We have a whole day before the caravan leaves.”

“We’ll be busy packing and getting ready.”

“When, Ebbril?”

Tresky waited, but she didn’t answer. Blood hammered in his temples, yet his mood
softened as he looked at her. Dim light filtered through the curtain and muffled her face
in muted beauty. Straw surrounded her and clung to the coarse blanket pulled to her
neck–yet she was perfect.

He had to look away before lust overwhelmed innocent delight. After a long silence filled
by muted shouts and laughter from the barroom, he sighed and rolled away from her.

“I won’t be able to sleep,” he complained.

Ebbril was awake; she must have heard; but she said nothing.


Midas Rush_sandbox_thumbnail

The Midas Rush will be available from Amazon later in February.  For more information, see The Midas Rush – Excerpt.

And remember-check out more excerpts from the SFR Brigade!



  1. Thanks for this great look at your upcoming release!

    1. I appreciate you stopping by, Stormie.

  2. Interesting set up. I enjoyed the “voices” of your characters very much!

    1. I debating about using this excerpt because it’s virtually all conversation … talking heads, if you will. I’m glad you think it works.

  3. Poor, poor Tresky!

  4. Interesting world they’re in. Lots of conflict in that marriage!

  5. Ah, much worse than this happens to the poor lad. But then, you know how writers love to pile problems on our characters.
    Good to talk with you outside the ol’ Mud Puddle, Sarah.

  6. Mary Roya · · Reply

    I really liked what I read in the tease. So this is due out in late February 2013, I’ll be watching.

  7. Kyndra Hatch · · Reply

    Poor Tresky. I sure hope he finds happiness!

  8. I feel for him, so much need, so little privacy. 🙂

  9. Oh! This sounds like it’s going to be fun read. When is the release date?

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